Polyethylene Foam

Below is a list of Polyethylene Foam manufacturers from Massachusetts. Polyethylene foam, also referred to as PE, is a type of foam that is very rigid and made primarily through an extrusion process. Polyethylene foam is a strong, resilient, closed-cell type of foam. Polyethylene foam, unlike polyurethane foam, has the capability of being reheated in order to change its shape.

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Polyethylene Foam Companies Serving Massachusetts

Foamtech Corporation
Fitchburg, MA
Foamtech Corporation specializes in the conductive and industrial packaging market. We are a manufacturer and fabricator of foam products used for packaging, cushioning and furniture. Die cuts, contour shapes, roll stock and stock sheets are a few of our foam fabricated parts. Polyethylene Foam in Massachusetts.
Polyfoam Corporation
Northbridge, MA
Polyfoam is a manufacturer of polyethylene foam, foam packaging, plastic foam and cushioning foam. Prototyping and custom testing provides you with high-quality products. Our newest product, Thermalok Insulated Containers, comes in many sizes and is an example of how we can customize specialized applications. Polyethylene Foam in Massachusetts.
Sekisui Voltek, LLC
Lawrence, MA
Voltek, a division of Sekisui America Corporation, is a supplier of foam plastics, cushioning, closed cell, polyethylene and polyurethane foam. Voltek is a leading manufacturer for a wide range of markets including transportation, health care, construction and more. Polyethylene Foam in Massachusetts.
United Foam, a UFP Technologies brand
Georgetown, MA
800-372-3172 - 10 US Locations!
United Foam is a specialty foam fabricator that creates custom part and packaging solutions. With our engineering and fabrication capabilities we specialize in medical device packaging & components, sound control, case inserts, filtration, tool control, and beauty products. United Foam was founded in 1963, has 10 US facilities, is ISO-13485 & 9001 certified, and is FDA Registered. Polyethylene Foam in Massachusetts.
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