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Plastic Nameplate Manufacturers and Companies

IQS Directory provides a detailed list of plastic nameplate manufacturers and suppliers. Find plastic nameplate companies that can design, engineer, and manufacture plastic nameplates to your specifications. Peruse our website to review and discover top plastic nameplate manufacturers with roll over ads and complete product descriptions. Connect with the plastic nameplate companies through our hassle-free and efficient request for quote form. You are provided company profiles, website links, locations, phone numbers, product videos, and product information. Read reviews and stay informed with product new articles. Whether you are looking for manufacturers of desk plastic nameplates, engraved plastic nameplates, or plastic nameplate for cubicles of every type, IQS is the premier source for you.

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  • The New Name Plates

    Cubicle name plates haven't changed much in the past 50 years or more. The same kinds of basic plastic or wood sign has been used in workplaces around the world without much variation or excitement. However, the trend of boring cubicle name plates has ended. One name plate manufacturer has created a new innovative design for name plates that are both functional and stylish in the modern office. The new plates use a clear acrylic tube design. The name plate holder combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. The entire name plate...

  • New Life For Nameplates

    In a world of standard products, few items are purchased or ordered custom made these days because the price usually matches the prestige. However, some industries actually thrive on the specificity of custom work and are able to produce products with the speed and style to make it financially worthwhile without charging the customer an arm and a leg. The nameplate manufacturers are one such industry. Although they are also known for mass producing name plates that serve as labels on products such as cars, doors and musical instruments, customized...

  • Plastic Nameplates: For Cheaper Applications

    Cheaper does not always mean of lesser quality or value. Sometimes it simply means that you are paying less for a product that stands up to the same standards as a more expensive product, but you are getting it for a better price. As plastic is accepted as a quality material in our craft savvy world and can be upgraded through the use of plating, stains and paint, it can be considered a cheap product material that is still worth its weight in gold. Plastic nameplates can look particularly impressive...

Industry Information

Plastic Nameplates

Plastic nameplates are shaped plastic objects of various sizes and compositions used to display names, instructions, the contents of a room and other kinds of information. Offices, industrial facilities, institutions and other settings all can make use of plastic nameplates. Nameplates are also commonly affixed to tools, large equipment and automobiles to indicate brand names. Some varieties can even be affixed to clothing and used as nametags.

Plastic nameplates are commonly used to indicate people’s names in workplaces and as indicators of room numbers and other information in buildings. Plastic nameplates are an inexpensive alternative to other nameplate materials like wood and metal. While plastic nameplates cannot achieve the same levels of elegance as can gold or bronze nameplates, they are inexpensively produced and replaced, low-maintenance, durable and resistant to the kinds of tarnishing and degradation to which ornate metal nameplates can be subject. Plastic nameplates are easily and inexpensively engraved and painted and can be attached to walls and other surfaces with fasteners or adhesives. The raw plastic materials used for plastic nameplates can be engineered to different specifications; color, texture, shape and all other physical properties are highly customizable.

Plastic nameplates, like all other nameplate varieties, vary widely in terms of the possibilities for their shape, color, composition and labeling method. The simplest plastic nameplates are rectangular, thin plastic plates painted or engraved with a few words or symbols. These can be used as door nameplates, desk nameplates and as nametags. When plastic nameplates are used to provide directions or indicate the contents of a room in a building, they can be more complicated in terms of their configuration. For example, plastic plates are often used to indicate the location of restrooms; such plates can be engraved or molded to feature the appropriate words or symbols. The plastic is often engineered to be blue, which is commonly associated with restroom signage. More elaborate plastic nameplates, like those found on automobiles, are specially molded, painted or engraved to maximize brand recognition. These nameplates are usually affixed with strong adhesives. There are many possible plastic nameplate labeling methods. Because of the softness of most plastics, many plastic varieties can be easily engraved by laser engraving systems. Laser engravers are usually controlled by a computer, so they can produce very precise and repeatable designs. Plastic nameplates can also be engraved by tool bits, chemical-stencil combinations and by a number of other methods.

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