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Parts Tumbler Manufacturers and Suppliers

IQS Directory provides a detailed list of parts tumbler manufacturers and suppliers. Find parts tumbler companies that can design, engineer, and manufacture parts tumbler to your specifications. Peruse our website to review and discover top parts tumbler manufacturers with roll over ads and complete product descriptions. Connect with the parts tumbler companies through our hassle-free and efficient request for quote form. You are provided company profiles, website links, locations, phone numbers, product videos, and product information. Read reviews and stay informed with product new articles. Whether you are looking for manufacturers of parts cleaning tumbler, industrial parts tumbler, and parts tumbler drum machines of every type, IQS is the premier source for you.

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If you're looking for a parts tumbler then look no further. We are a family owned business established in 1999. When we started we were a modest company just breaking into the market and now we're a major company boasting over one hundred and twenty employees in our Battle Creek location and many more in our worldwide network. We are committed to bringing you only the best products available on the market today at the greatest value to you the customer. Visit our website for more information.
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With over two decades of solid foundation we are committed and driven to bring you our clients only the best products on the market at the greatest possible value to our customers. We pride ourselves in putting our most precious asset, our customers, as our highest priority because without you, we wouldn't have a business. Our qualified and friendly staff is dedicated to helping you find the perfect product to suit your need. Come visit our website for more information or send us an email.
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With our commitment to excellence we are sure to help you find the perfect products to suit your needs. We aim to turn first time customers into life-long connections. Our researchers are working around the clock in order to ensure that we are bringing you only the best and most technologically advanced products available on the market today at the greatest possible value to you the customer. Our representatives are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Call us for more information!
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OTEC Precision Finish, Inc. is a world-class supplier of mass finishing equipment and supplies. Our primary products include centrifugal disc, drag and stream finishing machines to meet all of your deburring, polishing, grinding and honing requirements. Put us to the test by taking advantage of our free, no obligation sample processing.
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With over two and a half decades of experience we are prepared to bring you only the best and most technologically advanced products available on the market today at the greatest value possible to you, our valued customer. We strive to provide only the most exceptional customer service in hopes of turning first time shoppers into life-long connections. Our customer service representatives are working around the clock taking calls and emails in order to better serve you.
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Our parts tumblers are top of the line. We have been open since 1995 and even in those early days of business we brought to our valued customers only the most exceptional customer service. We have knowledgeable staff that is willing to work with you from beginning to end of the process. With our experience and our commitment to excellence we are determined to providing a positive and enjoyable shopping experience for our clients.
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Industry Information

Parts Tumbler

Parts tumblers are used for the finishing, polishing and deburring of both plastic and metal parts. There are two main types of parts tumblers: rotary tumblers and vibratory tumblers. Able to remove burrs, rust, slag, scale and other undesired materials on the parts, parts tumblers can be used for small and fragile parts as well as large and bulky parts.

Parts tumblers are utilized in such wide-ranging industries as: automotive and aviation, for transmission splines, bearings, fuel injectors, castings, engine pistons and more; electronics, for electronic enclosures, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other types of computer hardware; construction, for building materials and hardware such as fasteners and tiles; and industrial manufacturing, for automation and processing equipment parts. Two of the most common applications of parts tumblers are rock tumblers and jewelry tumblers; these two types of tumblers are widely used in commercial industries. When deciding whether to use a rotary parts tumbler or vibratory parts tumbler, the advantages of each type must be carefully considered. For instance, while rotary tumblers are very quiet, vibratory tumblers offer increased load capacity, decreased finishing time and a smoother polish. 

The two main types of parts tumblers are fairly similar in construction. A rotary parts tumbler consists of a hexagonal or cylindrical barrel, a base, a drive, a motor and a gear assembly. In order to create the deburring action, a rotary parts tumbler utilizes rotational movement with the addition of abrasive tumbling media that enables a sliding action to occur. Various types of tumbling media include small abrasive steel, ceramic, plastic and organic such as corn cob and walnut shells. Vibratory parts tumblers consist of many of the same basic parts, a barrel, a base, a motor and a drive, but do not require any moving parts. Vibratory parts tumblers function by agitating in a side-to-side motion at high rates of speed, causing friction to occur and, thus, continuous grinding amongst the enclosed parts. Both types of parts tumblers can be used for wet and dry deburring. Wet deburring includes the use of a liquid deburring compound that has been formed by mixing a liquid such as water with a solid media, which is typically abrasive grit. Dry deburring media, on the other hand, can be used but is not necessary since parts tumblers can provide deburring action without them. There is enough friction created amongst the parts through the vibrating and rotating forces created by the two types, that deburring can be accomplished through those motions alone.