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Mechanical Cable Assembly Manufacturers

IQS Directory is a top industrial directory listing of leading industrial mechanical cable assembly manufacturers and suppliers. Access our comprehensive index to review and source mechanical cable assembly manufacturers with preview ads and detailed product descriptions. These mechanical cable assembly companies can design, engineer and manufacture mechanical cable assemblies to your specifications and application needs. A quick and easy to use request for quote form is provided for you to contact these mechanical cable assembly manufacturers and suppliers. Each company has detailed profile information, locations, phone number, website links, product videos and product information defined. Read customer reviews and product specific news articles. We are the right resource for your information requirement whether it's for a manufacturer of wire rope cables, marine rigging, or wire strands.

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Tyler Madison is your source for mechanical wire rope cable assemblies. We make mechanical cable assemblies to fit a variety of unique purposes, in such industries as aerospace, appliances, automotive, boating, agriculture, medical, sporting goods and many more. We want to assist you in designing your specialized mechanical cable assemblies! Start by looking at our cable assembly design considerations (linked on our website), then give us a call.
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Experience the personalized approach of Jersey Strand and Cable, Inc. We pride ourselves on our innovative product development and unique mechanical cable and cable assemblies. Our custom designed cables may be made of ferrous or nonferrous metal or man-made materials. We've been globally supplying specialty cable and custom strand in small, miniature and custom sizes for over 30 years. Serving 18 industries, there's no question that we're the best.
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At Lexco Cable Mfg., we don't just want to deliver products to our customers; we want to delight our customers with the superior, high quality, personalized wire rope we provide for each of them. We have wire rope and cable products for just about every application imaginable, and if you are the customer that comes in with the one application we haven't thought of, we will gladly work closely with you to create a unique solution just for you. We look forward to your challenge!
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Sandin Manufacturing leads as a supplier of bare cable, in-house extruded coated cable, hardware and mechanical cable assemblies. In addition to a large stock of domestic and imported wire rope, cable, strand and fittings for your immediate needs, we have state of the art facilities and the latest CNC technology with which our knowledgeable staff can design and manufacture your ideal mechanical cable assembly. We will cut, coat and fabricate to your specifications. Call us to learn more!
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For over 40 years, Carl Stahl Sava Industries has been perfecting its ability to design and manufacture high quality mechanical cable assemblies. We are RoHS and REACH compliant and FDA and ITAR registered, and we're happy to say we've gone green! At Carl Stahl, we care about the whole picture. Part of an international network with over 50 sister companies and customers in over 70 countries, we can provide you with cable assemblies that meet endless applications in innumerable industries.
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Bergen Cable Technology keeps you connected by making mechanical cable assemblies for your every need. We are listed in the US Government QPL-87215-4 as an approved manufacturer of the "lockclad" cable assemblies, used in critical flight control systems and similar important equipment. Our cable assemblies range from standard lanyard cables to complex cable systems and meet stringent industry standards. Get started with Bergen Cable today for reliable mechanical cable assemblies you can trust.
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Need mechanical cable assemblies? Call us, Aero Assemblies, Inc. We specialize in them! Our custom mechanical cable assemblies include: push pull control, lift, fitness, mechanical and miniature, throttle, architectural and deck, security lanyards and garage door cable. We'll make cable assemblies to fit exact requirements. In addition to various material options and design features, we also offer services such as value added packaging and pull testing. At Aero Assemblies, we're ready.
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St. Pierre Manufacturing Corporation is a family-run company spanning three generations. Specializing in wire rope and chain, lifting, pulling, and binding since 1972, our Chain and Wire Rope Division is ready to supply you with the products you need. We partner with several other manufacturers in order to provide you with choice, ease of access and quick delivery of high quality wire rope products. Call us today!
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Mechanical Cable Assemblies

Heavy duty mechanical cable assemblies are used in a variety of industrial equipment applications to pull objects and bear large amounts of weight at any given time. Mechanical cable assemblies can also be used for much smaller applications like the brakes on a normal bicycle or the throttle pulley on a car. Cable is perfectly suited to many different mechanical applications because it is strong, it can be woven together in fine or dense strands, and it can easily have attachments like hooks and latches added to it. A sleeve can also be made to cover the mechanical cable to protect it from corrosion during use.

After strands of cable have been woven tightly together to create a cable that is thick enough to withstand the force that will be applied to it in a certain application, any parts that need to be added to the cable before it is installed will be added. Since mechanical cable is almost always used in an application where it will be moving, a coating is added to the finished cable to protect the metal and make the cable smoother. Mechanical cable assemblies end up being used in medical devices, electronics, telecommunications, the aerospace industry, industrial equipment, and numerous other consumer goods. If the cable is being manufactured and then sold to a product manufacturer, it is created in lengths that are rolled up for easy transportation and storage. Once the cable needs to be fitted, it can easily be unrolled and cut to the appropriate length.

Mechanical cables are all classified by grade and type of construction. These grades are based on the cable's overall tensile strength and resistance to abrasion. The grade of a cable determines what applications it is suitable for, and a higher grade should be used for any setting where there could be safety concerns. In the aerospace industry, manufacturers are required to use aircraft grade cable that meets a certain minimum for tensile strength, lubrication and packaging. The stakes are very high in airplane manufacturing, so even something as small as a minor mechanical cable needs to be durable.

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Custom Lift Cable Assembly - Aero Assemblies, Inc. Custom Miniature Mechanical Cable - Aero Assemblies, Inc.

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