Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers and Companies

Material Handling

Material handling is a term used for describing the solutions regarding the movement, protection, control and storage of materials in a manufacturing plant or warehouse. Material handling equipment is designed to offer maximum productivity while allowing for a safe work zone. There are a variety of different products associated with material handling such as automatic guided vehicles, cranes, conveyors, hydraulic lifts forklifts, storage racks and more. Material handling equipment will typically have four distinct categories: storage & handling equipment, engineered systems, industrial trucks and bulk material handling. Often times manufacturers will utilize systems that will analyze inventories which assists with processing and warehouse efficiency.

AGV Manufacturers

Automated Guided Vehicles – America In MotionAutomatic guided vehicles (AGVs) are autonomous vehicles used to transport materials or accomplish specific tasks in many different industrial settings.

An AGV is sometimes referred to as a self guided vehicle or self propelled vehicle since they are controlled by a computer rather than a human. AGVs are battery or electric motor powered units that have been programmed to drive to and from specific points.

This precise programming allows AGVs to carry out specific tasks like loading or unloading, assembling parts, moving materials between conveyor belts, towing equipment, etc. Thanks to the incredible technology that goes into an AGV, all of this can be done without the need for a human to operate the machine.

Leading AGV Manufacturers

Savant Automation, Inc.

A manufacturer of AGVs, Savant Automation Inc, offers a full line of AGV options. In addition to supplying state-of-the-art AGVs, we provide AGV requirement analysis, concept and simulation services.

America In Motion

America In Motion is your one stop shop location for AGV systems. Using a 4 step process we can help your company Discover, Design, Build and Install your new AGV systems and equipment. Whatever type of system you are looking for our experienced and helpful team is ready to answer any question.

Ward Systems, Inc.

Ward Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures custom AGV equipment that your company requires. Our team provides a full turnkey service. We can help you be ready for your next project by designing, engineering and manufacturing to your new AGV to exact specifications.

JBT Corporation

JBT Corporation (John Bean Technologies Corporation), provides solutions to the food processing and air transportation industries. As an AGV manufacturer, JBT offers forked automatic guided vehicles which can handle many kinds of loads.

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Baler Manufacturers

Taurus Industrial Baler – International Baler CorporationA baler is a machine that manufacturers use to bind and compress different materials. Balers are capable of binding and pressing materials such as plastic, scrap cloth, garbage, and many other materials. Balers are commonly found in the consumer or retail industries, and they compress byproducts and waste to simplify recycling, storage, transportation, and handling. Businesses in the agricultural and farming industries use balers to compress harvested crops for feeding and transportation purposes.

Baler manufacturers produce balers that fulfill specialized purposes. Examples of such balers include metal balers, trash compactors, and cardboard balers. There are also heavy duty balers available that are used for applications that require a lot of pressure to compress. These balers are also known as baling presses or drum crushers. Round balers, which are used for creating hay bales, are commonly used in the agricultural industry.

Leading Balers Manufacturers

Harris Waste Management Group, Inc.

In Business for over 100 years, Harris has maintained its position as the industry leader by paying attention to its customers needs. Our vertical, horizontal and 2-ram balers process recovered papers, paperboard, plastics, solid waste and light ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Maren Engineering Corporation

Since 1962, Maren has lead the industry building powerful and reliable manual tie, automatic tie and two ram balers, shredders and conveyors. That's why many of the most successful paper & box plants, distribution centers, post consumer recyclers and printers rely on Maren Balers to bolster their bottom line.

SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.

SSI Shredding Systems provides a wide range of waste management products, including industrial shredders, industrial balers, industrial reducers and industrial compactors. Our products are utilized in a variety of industries, serving a wide range of applications.

Granutech-Saturn Systems

Turn to us for the most consistent balers on the market! Our fantastic solutions are known for producing unrivaled results and we are eager to assist you with designing a high powered baler for your facility. Our metal balers can produce 16 inch square bales at a rate of 55 to 60 per hour.

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Crane Manufacturers

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane – Konecranes, Inc.Overhead cranes are impressively diverse mechanisms used to lift, lower, and generally transport loads of various shapes, sizes, and weights. Also commonly known as lifting cranes or hoist cranes, most overhead cranes can hoist and move loads that weigh up to approximately 1,000 tons.

Powered either by hydraulics, internal combustion, or electric batteries, they usually serve commercial and industrial applications. They are found in paper mills, automobile manufacturing facilities, refineries, and more. Common applications include: the initial construction and subsequent maintenance of paper machines and heavy press roles, raw materials handling, hot metal storage, and steel refinement.

Leading Crane Manufacturers

Gorbel Inc.

Gorbel®, Inc. has over thirty years experience providing overhead handling solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. We offer a comprehensive line of products, including overhead cranes, to make sure that all of our customers needs can be easily met.

Brehob Corporation

Established in 1953, Brehob Corporation offers customers 24 hour service operation, service and repair solutions, inspections for job safety and to save you money, load testing and capacity certification.

Konecranes, Inc.

Konecranes, Inc. has over eighty years of experience providing overhead handling solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. We offer a comprehensive line of products, including overhead cranes for all duty classes as well as hoists and lift trucks.

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Conveyors Manufacturers

Belt Conveyors Manufacturers – Conveyco TechnologiesConveyor systems help “convey,” or move, packages, food, products or equipment from area within a facility to another, usually for simple transportation or to perform the various stages of automated or semi-automated manufacturing or finishing. This material handling equipment occupies a broad market, which it matches with large range of conveyor configurations available to manufacturers and distributors worldwide, commonly including custom design options. Of these configurations, belt conveyors are the most common, followed by chain conveyors, roller conveyors, spiral conveyors, overhead conveyors, vertical conveyors and conveyor systems, which may use combinations of many different conveyor types.

Conveyor systems serve diverse industries, such as: industrial manufacturing, food processing, military and defense, automotive, commercial, pharmaceutical and medicine and paper production. Specific applications include: material handling, material distribution, packaging, warehousing, shipping and receiving, parts washing, parts sintering, parts drying and parts finishing.

Leading Conveyor Manufacturers

Metzgar Conveyors

Metzgar Conveyors has been a leading manufacturer of conveyor systems since 1933. Located in Comstock Park, Michigan, the company started by producing end-wood wheels for industrial trucks and then began production of the Nylo-wheel and Nylo-bearing equipped conveyors.

Shuttleworth®, Inc.

Shuttleworth designs and manufactures conveyor systems including belt conveyors and chain conveyors. Our conveyors are used in packaging, food, health care, assembly, automotive, light manufacturing, ESD control, clean rooms and more. Let Shuttleworth put its years of innovation to work for you.


Vac-U-Max is an industry leader who is committed to our customers' satisfaction. Our company offers a variety of premium conveying, cleaning and automated solutions.

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Forklift Manufacturers

Lift Trucks – Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp.In industrial or commercial warehouses, forklift trucks are used to lift, move, and load heavy pallets that are used to store products. Forklift trucks are usually gas powered and have a lift mechanism that uses hydraulic hoses. Controls in front of the driver allow them to raise and lower the load once it has been moved to the desired space. Forklift trucks are also useful on construction sites, loading dock, or in storerooms.

To maximize storage space, forklifts are used to stack loaded pallets on top of each other. The stacks can be made as high as the forklift can reach. Heavy duty lift applications require the use of sideloaders, while in warehouses it is common for workers to use reach trucks or order picker trucks to access equipment and products in an inventory. Narrow aisle forklifts are specifically designed to move in small spaces.

Leading Forklift Manufacturers

The Raymond Corporation

For 85 years, The Raymond Corporation has been a leading North American forklift truck manufacturer for the material handling industry. The Raymond Corporation`s quality forklift trucks are also available as rentals or leases.

Toyota Material Handling U.S.A., Inc.

We create forklifts that are ideal for rough terrain environments. These powerful machines offer superior lifting strength but they are also very easy to use. Our outstanding products are reinforced with the highest quality resources available.


The forklift products that we are able to offer will not be topped by the competition! It is one of our main goals that we are able to treat each and every customer like number one in order to exceed customer expectation one hundred percent of the time and in hopes of turning first time customers into lifelong connections!

Yale® Materials Handling Corporation

Here at Yale Materials Handling, we offer a number of forklifts for a wide range of industries. The products we offer are dependable and long lasting. We provide 24 hour delivery of all of our in-stock parts and we will work with you ensure you are receiving the perfect solution for your application.

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Hose Reel Manufacturers

Mill Duty Cable Reels – Conductix-WampflerHose reels are cylindrical devices made to house hosing, keeping it kink-free and neat, when it is not in use, by winding the hose around it. A helpful comparison is to think of them as giant spools. Hose reels, which are popular in construction, industrial and residential industries, are available in both manual or mechanical form.

Manual hose reels are generally operated using a side-mounted handle. Mechanical hose reels, commonly called automatic hose reels, may be powered by electricity, a spring or pneumatics.

In addition to their power source, hose reels vary by design features like construction material, retractability, diameter and how they sit. Material choice is generally based on application requirements. For example, medical cord reels must be made of a sanitary grade material, like 304L stainless steel.

Leading Hose Reel Manufacturers

Reelcraft Industries, Inc.

When it comes to high quality products, we are driven to provide only the most technologically advanced products available to you. We produce durable hose reels that make your hoses more productive, as well as keeping them easily accessible and longer lasting.

United Equipment Accessories, Inc.

When it comes to hose reels, we have what you're looking for! We are committed to bringing exceptional products and services for our customers. Since becoming established in 1952 we have provided only the most outstanding products available on the market.

Hannay Reels®, Inc.

Our hose reels are all made in the U.S., with a heavy-duty design and construction, built specifically to fit your needs and never retrofitted to the job.


Our hose reels are unmatched by the competition, and come in a variety of makes and models. With over 8 decades of experience in the market we are ready and able to help you to find the right hose reel to fit your needs.

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Hydraulic Lift Manufacturers

Double Arm Scissor Lift – Autoquip CorporationHydraulic lift systems are tools powered by hydraulics, or liquid mechanics, to raise and lower, support and lift and move objects that could not be transported using manual labor alone. There are many types of hydraulic lifts available, the most common being scissor lifts, aerial lifts, platform lifts, pallet lifts and vehicle lifts.

Scissor lifts may be the most common type of hydraulic lift. They perform lifting action by extending at their crossed, accordion-esque base. Aerial lifts, which are technically a kind of scissor lift, can typically rise ten to fifty feet in the air.

They are the perfect lifts for high shelving access. Platform lifts, also called elevated work platforms, are table-like and used for large-scale lifting tasks. Pallet lifts, which are also known as transporters, raise pallets from a ground to a raised position, for shipping and material handling applications. Finally, vehicle lifts are used just as their name implies; they lift vehicles in inspection bays and for automotive repair.

Leading Hydraulic Lift Manufacturers

Autoquip Corporation

Our hydraulic lifts are manufactured using a combination of innovation, state of the art technology, the latest engineering designs, and the highest quality products. We take the time to ensure all our lifting products will perform the right way every time.

Advance Lifts, Inc.

Advance Lifts designs & manufactures hydraulic lifts and other models of material handling equipment. Our ultra high-cycle lifts have a 3,000,000 cycle warranty & our patented platform centering devices reduce lift wear from off centered loading.


We manufacture hydraulic lifts and a whole lot more. Our goal is to be the best in both quality and customer service. In fact, our mission statement stays we will work hard so you can live easier.

Metro Hydraulic Jack Co.

Here at Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. we manufacture hydraulic solutions for a number of markets including: agricultural, municipal, construction, mining and transportation. Our company has an extensive history of engineering success.

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Palletizer Manufacturers

Floor level palletizer machine – Columbia Machine, Inc.Palletizers, sometimes called “case pickers,” are machines specifically designed to load and unload pallets before and after shipping and during storage. More often than not, distribution and manufacturing plants use automated and robotic palletizers, rather than manual ones, for loading and unloading. Automatic and robotic palletizers have many qualities that elevate them above manual palletizers, such load stability, precision, operation speed and fewer associated worker injuries. In addition to taking away injury risk by repeatedly lifting, rotating and wrenching packages on their own, many varieties come equipped with QuickSTOP collision sensors and Smartscan work cell perimeter guards. These measures not only increase safety, but boost productivity. They may deal with a variety of products, or may be designed to work with only one, as is the case with drum palletizers, bottle palletizers and case palletizers. Some large-scale centers also use depallatizers to unload packages, as well as equipment accessories like pallet dispensers, which are devices that dispense or feed empty pallets to conveyors, and load transfer stations, which are systems set up to transfer loads from one pallet to another without disassembling.

Leading Palletizer Manufacturers

Möllers North America, Inc.

For over 50 years, Möllers North America has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality packaging equipment, in addition to other great products and services. Möllers' performance is based on engineering excellence and dedication to the highest quality standards in customer satisfaction.

American-Newlong, Inc.

Here at American-Newlong Inc we put an emphasis on the satisfaction of our customers. We manufacture our products to be highly usable. Our teams are committed to researching the newest innovations in our industry and we pass our expertise down to our clients.

Chantland MHS

Chantland-MHS material handling equipment improves customers' efficiency, productivity & competitive position worldwide. Put experience since 1943 to work for you; choose from a line of bag fillers, conveyors, palletizers & complete systems.

Ouellette Machinery Systems Inc.

Rely on this progressive, well-established manufacturer of quality palletizers and more. Since 1971, Ouellette Machinery Systems` focus has been to increase clients` productivity and efficiencies. O.M.S. continues to design and build a variety of products for advanced product handling needs today and in the future.

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Plastic Pallet Manufacturers

Plastic Pallet for Automotive Components – Robinson IndustriesPallets, or skids, are platforms used for product storage and transportation. For most of their history, skids and pallets have been made of wood, but, unfortunately, wood is neither a sustainable source nor a durable material. Wooden pallets are susceptible to breakage, splintering, fire, rot, contamination from pathogens like E. Coli and a number of other problems. Most don’t last more than two years. For these reasons, plastic has risen to prominence to replace wood as most common pallet materials. They are used by factories, warehouses, shipping docks and other companies.

Since they can be stackable, rackable and/or nestable, plastic pallets offer companies the advantage of ergonomics and efficiency. Pallets can be designed to fit American import standards, as well as international export specifications, like those met by the Euro pallet. In addition, manufacturers can design custom pallets to fit uncommon storage or shipping needs. Some pallets are made for common but specific applications, like drum pallets, which keep drums of messy or hazardous chemicals out of harm’s way and contained. Another characteristic that most puts plastic pallets a step above wooden ones is their service life; they can last up to five times. Used plastic pallets can appear to be virtually untouched for upwards of ten years, and once they do wear out, they can be reprocessed into more plastic pallets.

Leading Plastic Pallets Manufacturers

TMF Corporation

TMF Corporation manufactures the Protech 4048 heavy duty plastic pallet. With inventory on hand, we quickly deliver both the standard and the FM Approved Protech 4048. Features include: blue, black & gray color options, FDA approved materials and a cleanable, flow through design.

Robinson Industries

Robinson Industries reduces operational costs and worker injuries through providing superior-quality plastic pallets. We sell pallets in a variety of sizes and styles. Robinson Industries is ready and able to meet diverse industry needs.

Custom Built Plastic Pallets

The PERFECT FIT! Do not compromise - customize with Custom Built Plastic Pallets. There are no pallets too big or too small, we build them all. Custom Plastic Pallets are made from 100% recycled plastic & are recyclable. Pallets can be shipped assembled or knocked down to lower freight costs.

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Storage Rack Manufacturers

Rack Manufacturers – Streator Dependable ManufacturingStorage racks are shelf-like frameworks or stands found in plants and factories, workshops, retail facilities, and homes and offices alike. They offer their users a means to efficiently store, organize and/or display tools, equipment, materials, pallets, boxes, parts, and products. Storage racks also provide invaluable space saving services inside shipping areas, product assembly rooms, workspaces, and manufacturing facilities.

All storage rack systems are operated using either a “first in, first out” (FIFO) organization method or a “last in, first out” (LIFO) organization method. Each method informs workers differently as to how to stock and pick material. The first method, FIFO, calls for stocking to be done in the rear and picking to be done at the front. Quite commonly, this technique is used with perishable food inventory, which must hold to this order so that the oldest items get moved out first. The LIFO technique is never used with perishable items. Rather, it is used with products that can sit at the back of shelves for long periods of time without detriment. Mostly, LIFO is used with push-back racks and other storage racks that benefit from its space-saving attributes.

Leading Storage Rack Manufacturers

Ridg-U-Rak®, Inc.

We create storage racks that are ideal for a full spectrum of industries. Our company offers a diverse selection of storage racks to pick from and there are various advantages with each type of material. These racks are very functional and you will save money when you buy factory direct.

Warehouse Cubed

Warehouse Cubed is a leading provider of material storage products as well as equipment platforms and mezzanines. We offer free standing, full mat, and catwalk options for your industrial shelving and storage needs. Visit our website to find out more and view additional products.

Husky Rack & Wire

Husky Rack & Wire is a leading storage rack manufacturer that provides high-quality welded wire decks, pallet racks, security wire partition enclosures and warehouse racks. Husky Rack & Wire is committed to customer satisfaction and high-quality products. Visit our website today!

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