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Machined Graphite

IQS Directory provides a comprehensive list of machined graphite manufacturers and suppliers in Connecticut. Use our website to review and source top machined graphite manufacturers with roll over ads and detailed product descriptions. Find machined graphite companies that can design, engineer, and manufacture machined graphite to your companies specifications. Then contact the machined graphite companies through our quick and easy request for quote form. Website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information is provided for each company. Access customer reviews and keep up to date with product news articles. Whether you are looking for manufacturers of graphite bearings, EDM graphite, carbon graphite, or customized machined graphite of every type, this is the resource for you.

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Machined Graphite Companies Serving Connecticut

Graphite Die Mold produces high-precision, ultra-pure graphite products for many applications. We can produce particulate-free, high-density, low-permeability, machined graphite. Our center provides graphite machining in all sizes and shapes, as well as graphite design suggestions. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.

Machined Graphite Companies Serving New Jersey

Asbury Carbons is one of the world's largest processors and merchants of graphite in all forms. We offer graphite machining and graphite products such as graphite blocks, plates and rounds for markets, including fuel cells, sealing materials, powdered metallurgy, friction products and more. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
Bar-Lo Carbon Products provides fast delivery, high quality, cost savings and dependability as a graphite machining center. We are also precision machiners of carbon and ceramic. We produce graphite rods, fixtures, molds, jigs and crucibles to exact specifications and will deliver to you immediately. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
Garden State Precision, Inc., Inc. was established in 1973 as a Tool and Die shop, specializing in graphite machining for companies requiring spare part carbide and steel components for their stamping, and manufacturing needs. We still maintain a strong presence in providing precision ground components, made from various materials. Call us today to learn more about us!

Machined Graphite Companies Serving New York

MWI, Inc. offers graphite machining for graphite products and parts, including graphite rods, graphite fixtures and cathodic protection anodes. We stock certified grades or can obtain economical imported grades. MWI, Inc. provides machined graphite to a number of diverse industries and markets. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
We offer high-purity graphite which is of use to engineers and scientists conducting basic research or applied product development. Our Graphi-Coat™ ceramic coating protects graphite from oxidation up to a Fahrenheit temperature of 2000 degrees. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
Mil-Spec Industries is the premiere source for chemicals, ordnance, aerospace and special metal components. Manufacturer & suppliers of special chemicals, aerospace pyrotechnic & components, demilitarization products, military equipment and machinery, law enforcement products and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) products & solutions. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.

Machined Graphite Companies Serving Pennsylvania

At Weaver Industries we specialize in manufacturing machined graphite parts and products. Our goal is to ensure that our customers get the right tools for their applications. We are leaders in the industry for our machining processes which include recycling and reclaiming machined graphite electrodes. Custom molded urethane and high quality glass tools are only a few of our other capabilities. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
Advanced Carbon Technologies produces pyrolytic graphite that is ultra pure. Our machined graphite has high density, high strength, high hardness and zero porosity. It can be used to make a variety of graphite products such as heating elements, rocket nozzles, sputtering targets and other components. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
Here at Ameri-Source we offer graphite machining services and produce small and large scale runs for clients in many different industries and for varying applications, meeting extremely tight tolerances. Our specialty graphite is available in a host of sizes and as both blocks and rounds. We not only provide quality, we also provide quantity and variety. Our specialty graphite is also thermally conductive and shock and chemical resistant. We also ship worldwide. Call us today! Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality graphite products with minimal impact on the environment. Since we first opened our doors, we have set the standard for other graphite companies to follow. Our environmentally-friendly practices keep our business green and benefit our customers by providing low-impact products and services. Visit our website or call today to learn more! Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
Contact Technologies is a manufacturer of electrical contacts and other precision motor brushes produced from powder metal technology. Contacts can be produced from a variety of precious metal materials. We are a leader in the application of specialized materials in the contact industry include alloyed brass, gold graphite, silver nickel, silver tungsten carbide and silver tin oxide. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
Foranne Manufacturing specializes in the production of CNC machining, using the latest technology in milling, turning and wire EDM. We offer wonderful milling capabilities with high-speed performance. Come to us for that complex or difficult part or assembly for which you need precision CNC machining. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
Since 1973, Graphite Machining has offered quality machined graphite parts, graphite products and carbon graphite. What sets Graphite Machining apart from the competition is the combination of our highly trained employees, prompt response and easy accessibility to our state-of-the-art facilities. Machined Graphite in Connecticut. offers graphite machining for graphite products and parts, including graphite rods, graphite fixtures and cathodic protection anodes. We stock certified grades or can obtain economical imported grades. provides machined graphite to a number of diverse industries and markets. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
Using today's most advanced system, Hydrojet Services provides state-of-the-art cutting and machining services, including graphite machining. We produce a variety of graphite products such as graphite tubes and graphite rings. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
IGM Carbon is a fully-diversified machining source for graphite products, graphite fixtures, EDM graphite, graphite rods and graphite heating elements. We offer quality machined graphite at low-costs in order to best meet the needs of your application. Call today and we will bring you exceptional graphite solutions and complete customer satisfaction. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
Morgan Advanced Materials & Technologies provides machined graphite, carbon graphite and graphite composite in a variety of forms, including bearings, seal rings, rotary vane compressors and meters, high-temperature parts, glass-handling parts and continuous casting products. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
For over 25 years, R.W. Elliott & Sons has specialized in carbon and graphite additives, machined graphite, crucibles, casting dies, molds, heating elements and much more. We can cut and machine our products to your specifications. R.W. Elliot can also help you re-sell your excess graphite stock. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
SGL Carbon Group is the world's largest manufacturer of carbon and graphite, a leading provider of graphite specialties and the only company in the world to master all related manufacturing processes. We serve many industries with graphite materials, system solutions and graphite design. Machined Graphite in Connecticut.
We are the company that started the environmentally-friendly trend of reusing broken electrodes. Now re-machining electrodes is standard practice in the iron and steel industry. Our commitment to the earth and creative processes has enabled our company to expand and provide many graphite machining services for the steel and iron industry. Visit our website today to learn more! Machined Graphite in Connecticut.