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Below is a list of Investment Castings manufacturers from Washington. Investment casting is a manufacturing process used to produce industrial parts using a wax model to create a mold that will be filled with molten metal. This type of casting is able to produce complex parts with fine details more effectively than die casting or other production methods.

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Investment Castings Companies Serving Washington

Olympic Foundry Inc.
Seattle, WA
We produce a wide range of investment castings in a variety of alloys. Our products range from construction, decorative and industrial castings to street lighting, counterweights and marine hardware. Our foundries blend traditional craftsmanship with modern ferrous and nonferrous casting foundry science. Investment Castings in Washington.
SeaCast, Inc.
Marysville, WA
Look no further for your precision investment casting needs. You've found us. We take into consideration the size (.001-400 pounds) and the production run (1 piece to 1 million pieces) and proceed from there. Our alloys: aluminum, cobalt, copper, duplex, nickel, stainless steel, tool steel. Investment Castings in Washington.
Spokane Precision Castings
Spokane Valley, WA
Since 1952, we have been serving the world with our investment castings. As a family-owned business, we care about our customers when it comes to taking you from concept to finished product. We make precision castings from a few ounces to 50 pounds. Rapid prototyping is one of our capabilities. Investment Castings in Washington.
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