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As essential parts of many industrial manufacturing processes, pumps and valves perform similar functions; pumps are devices used to raise, compress or transfer fluids or gases, and valves are devices used to control the flow of liquids or gases. Pumps can be hydraulic pumps, pneumatic pumps or electric pumps and include a large variety of types such as centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps and vacuum pumps. Valves can also be hydraulic valves, pneumatic valves or electric valves as well as having an extensive selection of types including check valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, gate valves and ball valves. While valves may be used in commercial and residential applications, industrial valves are extremely popular and valve manufacturers typically construct these more heavy-duty valves from materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and brass. Pump manufacturers also mainly fabricate industrial pumps from metallic materials, but use thermoplastic and elastomeric materials such as Teflon and polypropylene as well. Additional industries that utilize either valves or pumps include agriculture, defense, chemical processing, power generation and petrochemical.

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