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Plant and facility supplies refer to parts and materials used in various applications within the industry structure, whether it is as a plant, a warehouse, an office, a facility, etc. These are referred to as supplies because they are supplemental parts and pieces that enable the larger equipment and machinery to function at optimum levels, but are not used as the primary manufacturing or processing equipment. Different types of manufacturing supplies are more commonly seen in different structures, as they can be fairly industry or process specific. For example, warehouse supplies are likely to be material handling related products such as 55 gallon drums, plastic pallets or storage racks, whereas plant supplies are more likely to be process or manufacturing related products such as heating elements, centrifugal pumps and various power supplies. Although many of these products are often thought of as solely industrial plant supplies or industrial warehouse supplies, they are also commonly used in industries such as petrochemical, automotive, wastewater, aerospace, pharmaceutical and semiconductor.

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