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Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturers and Companies

In hydraulic systems, force is applied to a fluid, typically oil, in order to transfer energy from one area to another. The transferred energy is used to drive a variety of high-powered, heavy duty equipment such as hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors and hydraulic presses. These products are constructed from materials that perform well under pressure such as stainless steel, brass, cast iron and more. Hydraulic systems require many different components and some of the more common hydraulic supplies include tubes, valves, filters and actuators. Due to their wide-ranging design, hydraulic equipment & supplies can be used in several diverse industries including: construction, for equipment such as cranes, bulldozers and lifts; automotive and aviation, for braking systems and power transmission applications; and industrial manufacturing, for automated process and assembly equipment.

Types of Hydraulic Equipment:

Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are actuation devices that are designed to generate linear motion. Hydraulic cylinders utilize pressurized hydraulic fluids and typically heavy duty applications will rely on hydraulic cylinders to create the power needed to move large objects. Many different industries will use hydraulic cylinders: agriculture, construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, military, machining, automotive, aviation, robotics, aerospace, and waste removal.

Cylinders & Valves, Inc.

Our company name is not a misnomer-we have been manufacturing cylinders and valves since 1958. We manufacture air and hydraulic cylinders plus their associated valves and replacement parts. Anodized aluminum, brass and stainless steel are the materials in our products. Bore sizes of 3/8"- 4". Our standard systems are non-corrosive with a wide range of mounting design choices.

AVENTICS Corporation

AVENTICS Corporation has an extensive amount of experience providing solutions for a wide range of industries including: electronics, food & beverage, industrial machinery, automotive, mining and much more. Our engineers are experts in our field and we will provide you with outstanding services. Contact one of our representatives if you would like to learn more information!

Bailey International LLC

Bailey is recognized for "best in class" hydraulic cylinders of all types and sizes, and settles for nothing less than total customer satisfaction. Our product line includes Bailey brands Chief® and Maxim®, Prince cylinders, telescopic cylinders, surplus and custom cylinders. See what we can ship immediately or how we can customize to your specs. Economically priced for one to thousands!

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Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic lifts are machines that designed to lift or support heavy objects that may be too difficult to transport through manual labor. Aerial lifts are a popular type of hydraulic lift which is an elevated work platform which allows workers to do various tasks such as building maintenance. Rotary lifts are slightly different as they are typically designed for lifting automobiles. Regardless of the design of the lift they all use compressed hydraulic fluid which forces the hydraulic cylinders to function.

Autoquip Corporation

Our hydraulic lifts are manufactured using a combination of innovation, state of the art technology, the latest engineering designs, and the highest quality products. We take the time to ensure all our lifting products will perform the right way every time.

Advance Lifts, Inc.

Advance Lifts designs & manufactures hydraulic lifts and other models of material handling equipment. Our ultra high-cycle lifts have a 3,000,000 cycle warranty & our patented platform centering devices reduce lift wear from off centered loading.


We manufacture hydraulic lifts and a whole lot more. Our goal is to be the best in both quality and customer service. In fact, our mission statement stays we will work hard so you can live easier.

Metro Hydraulic Jack Co.

Here at Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. we manufacture hydraulic solutions for a number of markets including: agricultural, municipal, construction, mining and transportation. Our company has an extensive history of engineering success.

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Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic motors are products that turn hydraulic pressure into a usable rotational energy. These devices are designed with a reservoir, rotating machinery and a pump. Hydraulic motors are able to generate a significant amount of power compared to other types of motors that are the same size. Hydraulic motors are typically used in construction equipment, recycling processes, wheel motors for military applications, self-driven cranes, excavators, agriculture, conveyor systems, dredging and many other industrial purposes.

Eaton Hydraulics

Eaton Hydraulics designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of reliable, efficient hydraulic systems and components including hydraulic motors, hydraulic power units and other hydraulic systems. We serve various markets and applications with our quality systems and accessories.

Metro Hydraulic Jack Co.

It is our goal that we are able to maintain our position as one of the leading producers and manufacturers of hydraulic motors and that we may provide our products to an ever growing customer base worldwide! We were founded in 1941 and we wish to put all of those years of experience to work for you!

FluiDyne Fluid Power

Fluidyne Fluid Power is a leading industrial power distributor and manufacturing facility specializing in hydraulic motors, components and custom-designed fluid power systems. We have an extensive product line able to provide exactly what you need.

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Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic press devices come in a variety of different types including transfer presses, stamping presses, vacuum presses, platen presses, arbor presses, laminating presses, pneumatic presses, C-Frame presses, H-Frame presses, power presses, press brakes and much more. These items are generally manufactured from durable materials such as stainless steel as this metal can handle the shear force generated. Hydraulic presses can be designed for either single or multi-station configurations. While the single station design offers a single set of tools, the multi-station is equipped to perform a wide range of press operations.

Macrodyne Hydraulic Presses & Automation

The hydraulic press industry is competitive, but in a sea of competitors, we are among the best! We offer ISO 9000:2000 certification, and we work with customers to create the ideal designs for their unique circumstances.

Grimco Presses Inc.

Here at Grimco Presses, we've served our customers for over half a century. We have a wide variety of presses to serve both standard and specialty uses. We design and manufacture our presses in a factory with over 14,000 square feet.

Savage Engineering & Sales, Inc.

Savage Engineering & Sales is recognized as an industry leading manufacturer of laminating presses, straightening presses, C-frame presses, and many other hydraulic presses. We have a well-established reputation for constructing and supplying reliable, durable, and ruggedly constructed presses for diverse industrial applications.

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Air Filters

Air filters are products to remove wanted particles and contaminants from the air. The efficiency of the filter is determined by the size and density of the filter. Different sizes of air filters are ideal for various applications.

Precision Filtration Products

Distributor and Manufacturer of commercial and industrial air filters and systems. All types: OEM brands, custom filters, HVAC, rental equipment, dust collectors, HEPA, filter elements, cartridges, bags, mist eliminators, vacuum dehydrators. All industries: automotive, aviation, manufacturing. All applications: vacuums, blowers, compressed air, air intakes, exhaust, pumps, combustion turbines.

Carolina Filters, Inc.

Carolina Filters is an industry leader for indoor air quality, parts cleaning and process equipment cleaning in the southeast. Our South Carolina based company has serviced a variety of facilities from Tennessee to the Bahamas. From healthcare buildings to tire manufacturing plants, we have IAQ experience you can rely on and trust. Our cleaning division has removed polymer and other contaminants from parts and filters throughout the world.

Smith Filter Corporation

Here at Smith Filter Corporation we are the manufacturing experts with over 75 years of experience. It is our mission to accommodate all of your needs. These functional items are beyond compare and we have the talent to successfully create the most unique and innovated products. Our high efficiency air filters are ideal for various industries and we will work with you every step of the way.

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Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps are used to transfer hydraulic fluids that are then put under pressure and are converted into mechanical energy. The two basic types of hydraulic pumps are piston pumps and gear pumps. Piston pumps are broken up into axial or radial piston pumps. The axial pumps are designed for linear motion and the radial pumps operate in a rotary manner. Gear pumps are divided into two groups: internal gear pumps and external gear pumps. Regardless of the configuration these pumps can provide single-action or double-action functionality where the pump will either push or pull.

Metro Hydraulic Jack Co.

Here at Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. we manufacture hydraulic solutions for a number of markets including: agricultural, municipal, construction, mining and transportation. Our company has an extensive history of engineering success.!

MAXPRO Technologies, Inc.

Our Maximator® air-driven hydraulic pumps deliver from 60 to 60,000 PSI and cycle automatically. The Maximator® pumps are used in our hydraulic power units. We can provide you with standard or customized high pressure pump power systems. Repair and refurnishing services also available.

FluiDyne Fluid Power

It is our mission to provide our customers with products that will last a lifetime! Since our inception we have been offering outstanding customer service and that is a tradition that we strive to continue long into the future!

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Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic valves are parts that control the flow and pressure of hydraulic fluid within a system. They allow hydraulic equipment to function properly and safely while allowing for precise control. Hydraulic valves are made up of a main casing, which is the outer enclosure that holds all the other components. The other components are a bonnet, or a removable section of the casing, a seat, which is the interior surface where the connection is made, and a disc that acts as the seal that prevents leaking at the seat.

Fulflo Specialties, Inc.

Located in Blanchester, Ohio, Fulfo Specialties, Inc. was founded in 1912 and was incorporated in 1933 with its current name and trademark. In 1935, around the same time that fluid power systems were emerging, our company obtained patents for the original guided piston and the direct acting relief valve.

Metro Hydraulic Jack Co.

Here at Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. we manufacture hydraulic solutions for a number of markets including: agricultural, municipal, construction, mining and transportation. Our company has an extensive history of engineering success.

FluiDyne Fluid Power

Western FluiDyne is an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing pumps, motors and hydraulic valves. We carry a wide range of remanufactured pumps as well as our own FluiDyne and Veljan products. We promise to serve and respect the rebuilders and resellers of North America and the global market.

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