Flow Control Manufacturers

Flow control provides variable resistance to different types of matter flow through a particular passageway or route, often used to direct flow as well as maintain the desired velocity and flow level. Flow control related products are used to control both liquid and gas flow, and are most often used for flow rate control of air and water flow. For air flow control, some examples of pneumatic flow control equipment include fans, air filters and compressors, whereas for water flow control, hydraulic flow control systems such as valves and pumps are often used. Additional liquids requiring fluid flow control include chemicals such as lubricants and solvents, for processing and manufacturing industries that utilize pressure gauges, switches and transducers in order to monitor flow pressure and equipment such as flow meters and solenoid valves to monitor flow rates and levels. Some of the more common industries that utilize flow control related products include wastewater, heating and cooling, automotive, aviation, medical, industrial manufacturing and pharmaceutical.

Types of Flow Controls:

Dust Collector

Dust collectors are ideal for removing hazardous particles that could negatively affect machine performance and human health. There are a number of different dust collection equipment such as cyclone dust collectors, portable dust collectors, baghouses, downdraft tables and more. Baghouses are a very common type of dust collector due to the effective design of this dust collector. These dust collectors force the contaminated air through a series of ducts into fabric filters and the clean air exits through a fan.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are devices to create vacuums in enclosed spaces. These products can be designed for either wet or dry applications. Oil-sealed vacuums are used in situations where a high-intensity vacuum is needed since the oil provides a reliable seal however if a oil seal is utilize then a downstream oil separator is required. Vacuum pumps are used in a range of industries and come with a number of different specifications.


Chillers are items that remove heat from liquids through a refrigeration process. Based upon the application many different types of chillers can be utilized. Air cooled chillers use the ambient air and eliminate the need for condensers and cooling towers. Air cooled chillers are none for being easy to maintain and simple to install.

Flow Meters

Flow meters are used for measuring substances such as liquids or gases which pass through the device. These devices usually use two measurement values which are volumetric flow and mass flow. Flow meters are very important in certain industries such as medical applications or in situations involving hazardous chemicals.

Hose Reels

A hose reel is a cylindrical mechanism that is designed to not only to store different types of hoses but also to offer protection to the hose as well as the workers. The key differences between hose reel types are based on the retraction features of the hose reel. The styles of hose reels include: electric, hydraulic, spring, pneumatic and manual.

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves are used to control the movement of liquids and gases through the process of converting electrical energy into mechanical which is used to open or close the valve. These items have a compact design and offer consistent rapid switching. One common type of solenoid valve is known as an air valve which is used to regulate the flow of air.