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HEPA Air Filter Manufacturers and Suppliers

IQS Directory provides an easy to use search tool to find HEPA air filter manufacturers and suppliers. Use our website to review and source top HEPA air filter manufacturers with roll over ads and detailed product descriptions. Find HEPA air filter companies that can design, engineer, and manufacture HEPA air filters to your companies specifications. Then contact the HEPA air filter companies through our quick and easy request for quote form. Website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information is provided for each company. Access customer reviews and keep up to date with product new articles. Whether you are looking for manufacturers of hepa air purifier carbon filters, hepa air conditioning filters, in line hepa filters, or customized HEPA air filters of every type, this is the resource for you.

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Precision Filtration HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Distributor & Manufacturer of commercial & industrial AIR & GAS FILTERS and systems. ALL TYPES: OEM brands, custom filters, HVAC, rental equipment, dust collectors, HEPA, filter elements, cartridges, bags, mist eliminators, vacuum dehydrators. ALL INDUSTRIES: automotive, aviation, manufacturing. ALL APPLICATIONS: vacuums, blowers, compressed air, air intakes, exhaust, pumps, combustion turbines | Email This Company | Phone: 215-679-6645

P.O. Box 218  Philadelphia, PA 18073-0218

Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc. HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

We are recognized world wide for our broad range of capabilities and our in-depth knowledge of cleanrooms. From Southern California to Hsin Chu, Taiwan to Guadalajara, Mexico, companies have come to rely on Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc. for state-of-the-art cleanroom & laboratory environments and its service minded professionals. Our customer satisfaction has given us long term relations, which continues to provide us with an on-going educational process, allowing us to better serve our current and future clients with up-to-the-date solutions and procedures. | Email This Company | Phone: 800-660-9676

135 Enterprise Court Corona, CA 92882

Modular Cleanrooms Inc. HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

A clean room manufacturer, Modular Cleanrooms offers a complete line of clean rooms and clean room supplies. This company understands differing clean room needs and has customized and installed over 1,000,000 sq. feet of cleanrooms ranging from Class 1 to Class 100,000. MCR also inventories a large stock of Cleanroom Fan Powered and Ducted Hepa Filters. The Mac 10 FFU is known for being the quietest filter available. Its modular design fits conveniently into tight ceiling spaces. As a complete clean room source, contact the experts at Modular today! | Email This Company | Phone: 800-496-7666

3740 Paris St.   Denver, CO 80239

Featured Company

Industry Information

HEPA Air Filters

HEPA air filters, or “high efficiency particulate air” filters are among the most effective type of air cleaner filter used, removing a minimum of 99.97 percent of unwanted particulates from an air stream, as defined by the Institute of Environmental Science. Small particles such as dust, pollen, animal dander, airborne bacterial organisms and contaminants can be removed by using HEPA filters to trap the particles. The size of 0.3 microns is the testing standards for filters in order for them to be classified as true HEPA filters. The filters which meet the required standards are assigned a serial number to prove their authenticity. HEPA air filters are used widely in the nuclear, electronic, aerospace and military industries. They are also critical in medical applications such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, hospital operating and isolation rooms as well as clean room environments. The highest standard of HEPA filter aids in the prevention of the spread of bacterial and viral infections in the air and can be further incorporated with ultra-violet light to ensure air purity. Other applications such as newer model vehicles and airplane circulation systems use HEPA filters due to the high level of cleanliness required in the air. For those people prone to asthma and allergy sufferers, HEPA filters and other types of air cleaner filters can provide a level of air quality that eases these health problems. Due to their high efficiency at trapping particles, HEPA filters are also widely used in industrial settings.

The filters themselves are typically made of fiberglass fibers which are arranged randomly in varying densities. The diameter and thickness of the fiber play a direct role in the efficient functioning of the filter and in the percentage of its filtration capacity. HEPA filters, like similarly effective ULPA filters, tend to be very dense and therefore may require a circulation system with a more powerful engine than a standard air cleaner filter due to the extra power required to move the air through the filter. Particles and trapped by the many interweaving fibers as the air is moved through the filter, preventing their recirculation back into the atmosphere. Due to the percentage of particulates removed, HEPA filters may require frequent replacement or washing. Another potential drawback to using HEPA grade filters is that they tend to be more expensive than other types of air filters such as foam filters or carbon air filters. For applications which require HEPA levels of air purification, it is worth the investment, but for other applications a HEPA type filter or a HEPA style filter may be adequate. These filters will still provide a high level of air filtration but are not required to meet the same purification standards as true HEPA filters.

HEPA Air Filters
HEPA Air Filters
HEPA Air Filters - Precision Filtration Products
HEPA Air Filters - Precision Filtration Products

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