Heat Exchangers

Below is a list of Heat Exchangers manufacturers from Kansas. Heat exchangers are heat transferring devices used to move heat from one gaseous or liquid substance to another for the purpose of either heating or cooling a substance for another process. Constructed with thermally conductive plates or tubes, heat exchangers are used to transfer heat from water to water, air to air, water to air or steam to other liquids – such as lubrication oil.

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Heat Exchangers Companies Serving Kansas

Heatron, Inc.
Leavenworth, KS
Heatron Heat Exchangers offer all the benefits of a HEATROD cartridge heater integrated in a vessel for heating circulating gas or liquid. The exchanger can be configured with multiple inlets, outlets, mounting brackets and over temperature controls. The specific geometry of the exchanger vessel is custom and can be specified by the customer. Heat Exchangers in Kansas.
Taylor Forge Engineered Systems, Inc.
Paola, KS
Taylor Forge now consists of three manufacturing facilities with a wide range of product availability, including industrial heat exchangers, pressure vessels, modular equipment and more. We have been manufacturing heat exchangers and components since 1997. Heat Exchangers in Kansas.
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