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Extruded Aluminum Manufacturers and Companies

IQS Directory implements a thorough list of extruded aluminum manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our listing to examine and sort top extruded aluminum manufacturers with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any extruded aluminum company can design, engineer, and manufacture extruded aluminum to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach extruded aluminum companies through our fast request for quote form is provided on our website. The company information includes website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information. Customer reviews are available and product specific news articles. This source is right for you whether it's for a manufacturer of extruded aluminum framing, standard aluminum extrusions, and extruded aluminum metal.

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Our aluminum warehouse has thousands of extruded aluminum in stock. Our extensive services include aluminum fabrication, finishing, extrusion powder coating and painting, customized extrusion punching, anodizing, and customized shipping with specialty protective packaging. Add speedy delivery and fantastic customer service and you've found the warehouse for all your requirements.
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Our manufacturing practice can take your part from concept to finish. Our tooling can form different shapes with many bends and double thicknesses, making a stronger part. Choose your type of outside edge, including hemmed designs. Since 1948, we have been a leader in the roll forming aluminum industry. Please contact us today with any questions.
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We are the industrial experts when it comes to custom-built aluminum extruding. Since 1986, GSH Industries has offered on-time delivery and competitive pricing. We offer high quality extruded aluminum products and services. Our experienced engineering and designing staff can assist you in every stage of the manufacturing process. Call us today for more extrusion information.
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Rely on our experience in supplying and modifying aluminum extrusions to provide you with cost-lowering fabrication of high volume finished parts. You can count on our skill to stamp, saw, cut, pierce, notch, fold and drill your aluminum extrusions. We provide start to finish capabilities to produce your finished piece.
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Established in 1976, American Douglas Metals Inc is a manufacturer of aluminum extruded products & metal extrusions. These include shapes, profiles and more. We supply the window and door industries with our aluminum extruded shapes and products. With warehouses in more than 11 cities through the East Coast we can provide quality. Let our honesty, integrity and unsurpassed experience work for you.
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We are an ISO 9001:2000 & 14000 aluminum extrusion company. We specialize in products and services such as extruded aluminum. You can count on our expertise and rigid quality control to get your part or product off to the right start. We are your single source for extruded aluminum products and quality parts.
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We provide the highest quality extruded aluminum profiles along with the flexibility of the services we offer. We are the suppliers to the automotive, transportation, building trades, military, recreation, and consumer-product industries. Our experienced staff works closely with your design group to include features that result in the more efficient manufacturing of your components.
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Our staff members are knowledgeable and technologically skilled. Most importantly, they look forward to helping customers solve their extruded aluminum problems from drawing board to delivery. Central Aluminum functions more than just another supplier - our staff will work with you as an integral part of your overall operation. We will process extrusions exactly to your requirements.
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Industry Information

Inexpensive Extruded Aluminum Fences and Guards

Extruded aluminum is when aluminum alloys are extruded to form linear products that are highly valued in a wide spectrum of structural applications due to aluminum's high strength-to-weight ratio and the cost effectiveness of the metal extrusion process. In addition, extruded aluminum has a far longer service life than most other extruded metals and may be fully recycled while retaining 100% of the material's original properties. Recycling aluminum requires only 20% the amount of energy used by acquiring virgin materials; this energy savings is converted into a significant cost savings.

Extruded aluminum channels and other products are used in a variety of products for many different industries. The aluminum is used in machines, vehicles, structures, and fences.

In recent years, aluminum extruding companies have come up with even more uses for their products. One new product that some companies are offering offer affordable, efficient, and reliable fencing products for use in any number of industries.

This new innovative extruded aluminum product is a modular system of fencing. Depending on customer need, the fence can be custom designs to guard any possible industrial application. Each part is delivered partially assembled so that the industrial company can manufacture the fence faster than ever. The partially-prefabricated nature of the fence eliminates much of the high engineering and labor costs with other fencing systems.

These new extruded fence designs provide a variety of customization options, like different extruded profiles, brackets, net locks, solid panels, or mesh panels. The fences can be either straight or curved, depending on the industry's need. Not only do these new fences save an industrial company money, but they also simplify the design and make installation faster and better. Even better, all of the components in this kind of fencing are reusable and recyclable.

Any company looking for high quality, affordable fencing that is also environmentally friendly will appreciate the new design and ease of use in the new style of aluminum extruded fencing. The fences are surprisingly durable for their weight and material, and are comparable with standard industrial fencing products.

Extruded Aluminum

Like other types of extruded metals, extruded aluminum is formed by hot extrusion, warm extrusion or cold extrusion through a die, shaping aluminum stock into various types of extruded aluminum shapes, aluminum channels, aluminum profiles or aluminum extruded tubing. Extruded aluminum is both strong and lightweight, making it ideal for structural applications such as light poles, light building frames, window frames, lighting fixtures, car bumpers, hardware joints and many other uses in construction, industrial and automotive industries. Extruded aluminum can be formed into complex, precision tolerance shapes to interlock with other extruded aluminum structures. Because aluminum is strong, rust and temperature resistant, easily fabricated and 100% recyclable, aluminum and extruded aluminum alloys are often the first choice in industrial manufacturing, mining, military, medical, automotive, aerospace or construction industries.

Aluminum is the third most abundant element on Earth, yet it is one of the most recent metals to be used in industrial manufacturing processes and the process of extracting aluminum ore from the Earth's surface is relatively costly. In terms of the process of extruding aluminum, there are three main methods: "hot extrusion", "warm extrusion" or "cold extrusion". In order for stock aluminum to be formed into tubing, channels, shapes or profiles, round aluminum stock called "billet", or "logs" are pressed by a ram through a die, which is a hollow profile that shapes the aluminum into a specific extruded shape as the billet is squeezed through. Direct extrusion holds the die stationary while the ram forces the aluminum alloy through the die opening, while indirect extrusion holds the die stationary as the hollow ram moves into the stationary billet from one end, forcing the metal to flow through the die. The temperature of both the billet and the die are crucial for uniform extrusions. In cold extruding, an aluminum billet is pressed through the die at room temperature or near room temperature, yielding close-tolerance components with high strength and a good surface with minimal finishing required. Warm extruding, or forging, is done on billets brought to temperature ranges between 800 and 1800 degrees F, enhancing billets' ductility while keeping the material solid. Hot extrusions are performed on aluminum which has been fully plasticized by heat and is often performed in a vacuum to avoid oxidation. After the aluminum has been extruded, it is straightened by a stretcher.

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