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Emulsifiers Manufacturers and Suppliers

IQS Directory provides a comprehensive list of emulsifier manufacturers and suppliers. Use our website to review and source top emulsifier manufacturers with roll over ads and detailed product descriptions. Find emulsifier companies that can design, engineer, and manufacture emulsifier to your companies specifications. Then contact the emulsifier companies through our quick and easy request for quote form. Website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information is provided for each company. Access customer reviews and keep up to date with product new articles. Whether you are looking for manufacturers of oil emulsifier, nonionic emulsifier, food emulsifiers, or customized emulsifier of every type, this is the resource for you.

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Here at KADY International we offer the highest quality emulsifiers. These systems will provide you with unlimited mixing and dispersion combinations! Our customizable emulsifiers come with unique features like decreased aeration, new prop mixers, integrated speed/temperature control panels and more. We are eager to help you discover which model would accommodate all of your needs. Please contact us or visit our website for more information!
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We carry a wide range of emulsifiers and other liquid mixing equipment! We guarantee that all Frain machines will work for you so that you can work less! Our company carries an extensive stock of emulsifiers and liquid mixing equipment that can ship out in as little as 2 days! Our skilled technicians and engineers will work with you to find the best mixing solution for your applications. Visit our website today!
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Ross manufactures the world's broadest line of High Shear Mixers - from traditional High Speed Dispersers and single-stage Rotor/Stator Mixers to new generation ultra-high shear patented mixing technologies. Our high performance rotor/stator mixers, also commonly called emulsifiers, are available in sizes from benchtop through full-scale production, in batch and in-line configurations, with a multitude of options to help fine-tune mixer performance.
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Our emulsifiers are capable of handling a variety of tasks and we only use the highest quality resources to manufacture our products. These mixers can produce a high velocity of flow for the best quality of particle size in a short amount of time. Our emulsifiers have features that let you control the shear rates through adjusting the gap between rotor and stator. These models can reach speeds ranging from 3,600 RPM to 12,000 RPM. Our mixers offer true reversibility and ultimate durability.
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Need an inline emulsifier? Look no further. The DynaShear blends, dissolves, deagglomerates, disperses, and emulsifies a wide range of fluids and semifluids. It provides 100% lump-free emulsification of oil/water, starches and more, and is particularly effective for wetting out powders into a liquid. It can process 10-150 GPM and is designed to run 24/7, reducing downtime and operating costs. Visit to learn more.
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We offer the highest quality emulsifiers and mixing equipment. Our lab mixers can handle a range of tasks and have the capability to be equipped with a variety of motors. If you are in search of flexible tools and a knowledgeable customer support staff then you have found the right company. Our customizable options are simple to use and affordable. We will work with you every step of the way. Please contact us today for more information!
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Industry Information

High Powered Emulsifiers

There are a variety of emulsifiers that are designed for high performance functions. Typically emulsion solutions are found in the food industry. Emulsifiers are also utilized by some experts for medical emulsion purposes. To make products such as chewing gum there is a level of physical energy that is required to create the proper mixing conditions. These conditions serve as the catalyst for the molecules to form together to make the emulsion. Mayonnaise, lotion and shampoos are great examples of emulsion products. Emulsifier manufacturers are striving to create mixers that are more functional with improved user interfaces and greater levels of operator control. Products like these are usually constructed to handle a variety of tolerances while aiming to create solutions in the shortest amount of time possible.

Companies are continuously researching into a variety of foods and different starches to discover new mixture combinations. Emulsifier innovations are created with higher performance power thresholds to assist operators in creating new food products such as beverages. Many drinks contain flavors that are oil-based which require emulsifier technology to uniformly spread the flavor throughout the water, since water and oil do not naturally mix. High power emulsifiers can cut the time it takes to mix the oil flavors. This technology dramatically increases maximum output during the processing phases.This type of technology also proves to be beneficial in cosmetic industries. These industries are constantly growing with an increasing customer base.  


Emulsifiers are industrial mixers that provide high-speed rotation and centrifugal force in order to achieve emulsification, the combination of two immiscible substances. By using a perforated screen and high velocities, substances that are generally unblendable are able to be thoroughly mixed together instead of remaining separated. Pressure is applied to the liquid mixture as it is forced through very small filters. The filters break larger molecules into smaller pieces so all the molecules are similar in size which helps them blend together evenly. An example of two such substances is oil and water.

Emulsifiers are very effective in applications in which a high shear is required because they can provide fast mechanical and hydraulic shear. Emulsification may also be achieved by adding emulsifying agents. Emulsifiers may be inline or separate freestanding machines; while some applications require specific types of emulsifiers, others can be achieved through a variety of methods. Cost effectiveness and efficiency are often the most important considerations when choosing emulsifiers. Emulsifiers are found in the food, medicine, chemical and adhesive industries among many others. They are used with countless substances including food coloring, syrups, beverages such as milk, medical ointment, lotions, creams, vitamins, shampoos, detergents, toothpaste, hair dye, petroleum products, silicone, adhesives, polyurethane and many other products or ingredients.

Emulsifiers are just one kind of industrial mixer. Emulsifiers may be used as the sole method of mixing or blending in a product line or they may be the first in a series of mixers. Other common types of mixers are homogenizers, ribbon blenders, paddle blenders, vacuum blenders, high shear mixers and agitators. Ribbon blenders are horizontal blenders containing two helical blades with one inside the other. They push the contents of the mixer both inwards and outwards for thorough shearing mixing action; typically used at full capacity to mix dry or powdered ingredients, ribbon blenders blend wet ingredients as well. Paddle blenders are similar, moving dry or powdered ingredients laterally and radially with paddles coming out from a horizontal screw. Vacuum mixers and dryers can have horizontal or vertical construction and use a combination of low internal heat and vacuum pressure to blend the mixture while removing moisture. High shear mixers are mixers that utilize counter-current mixing. During counter-current mixing, the mixing pan and the mixing tools rapidly revolve in opposite directions, placing very high parallel forces upon substances which results in substance uniformity. Agitators are industrial mixers that are powered by impellers to mix substances with low viscosities in low-shear applications. Agitators range in size from small agitators used in laboratory applications to large industrial agitators with 10,000-gallon capacities.

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