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Electric Linear Actuators

Below is a list of Electric Linear Actuators manufacturers from British Columbia, Canada.

Electric linear actuators are devices that create linear motion through the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. This linear actuator variety is typically attached to valves that are powered by an external source. Usually, single-phase or three-phase AC or DC motors are the actuation mechanisms in electric linear actuators.

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Electric Linear Actuators Companies Serving British Columbia

Our tubular electric linear actuators have attributes worthy of their distinction—performance; cost; various stroke offerings; standard- or high-force offerings; high- or standard-speed capabilities. If your motion-enabled product is a consumer product, compact robot or medical device, contact us. Electric Linear Actuators in British Columbia, Canada.
Progressive Automations is on-line wholesaler of linear actuators and lifting columns to consumers in the United States , Canada and the rest of the world. Progressive Automations offers a large variety of low priced linear actuators in different size, force and speed. We work hard with our manufactures to bring the best quality and new technologies into our products. Electric Linear Actuators in British Columbia, Canada.
Our electric linear actuators are at the top of the market and on the leading edge of innovation. If you need a new design or modification to an existing design, we are the true professionals that you need to call. We have the capability to meet all of your specified requirements. Come and visit our website to learn more about what we do or contact one of our representatives to get started planning your next project. Electric Linear Actuators in British Columbia, Canada.

Electric Linear Actuators Companies Serving Washington

With more than 26 years of experience producing linear actuators and controllers, you can be confident in the quality of product involved in your order. Diamond Motion manufactures custom micro-positioning systems; linear actuators with either DC or step motors, push rod or drivescrew thrusters. Electric Linear Actuators in British Columbia, Canada.
RB HybroDynamics designs and manufactures hybrid pneumatically powered and hydraulically controlled actuators. Our Hy-P technology works from 30-300 PSI (potentially 5000 PSI) up to 400 degrees Farenheit with smooth, controllable and accurate displacement. Electric Linear Actuators in British Columbia, Canada.