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IQS Directory is a top industrial directory listing of leading industrial dyno manufacturers and suppliers in Indiana. Access our comprehensive index to review and source dyno manufacturers with preview ads and detailed product descriptions. These dyno companies can design, engineer and manufacture dynos to your specifications and application needs. A quick and easy to use request for quote form is provided for you to contact these dyno manufacturers and suppliers. Each company has detailed profile information, locations, phone number, website links, product videos and product information defined. Read customer reviews and product specific news articles. We are the right resource for your information requirement whether its for a manufacturer of chassis dynamometers, eddy current dynamometers, or motor testers.

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Dyno Companies Serving Indiana

We manufacture our popular LI, SR & TR line of inductor Dynamometers and mechanical systems. We also are the major remanufacturer of all types of AC, DC, inductor & hydraulic dynamometers. Our new 50,000 sq-ft facility provides state-of-the-art equipment including in-house “dynamic hot testing” to assure guaranteed performance every time. Dyno in Indiana.
Since 1945 The Tway Company has been a premiere supplier of wire rope, dynamometers and load cells. Our products can be used in a number of industries for a multitude of applications. Our highly experienced staff is ready to assist you with whatever you need and whatever your application requires. Call us today. Dyno in Indiana.

Dyno Companies Serving Illinois

AW Dynamometer is the leading manufacturer of high quality dyno solutions. Our products are designed for that difficult Low Speed – High Torque application. Our experts have an extensive background in our industry and we work with you to discover the best solutions for your applications. If you have any questions then simply give one of our representatives a call today! Dyno in Indiana.
Imada is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of force measuring gauges, instruments and torque testers. We design only quality products for such applications as compression testers, peel testers, pull testers and puncture testers. Since 1947, our products have been used in quality control. Dyno in Indiana.
The RON 4000 load cell we manufacture is a tension measurement device. It has a built-in analog amplifier. This feature allows information (load or force) to be sent to a controller or computer. Our user-calibrated load cells come with either handheld indicators or large displays and are in stock. Dyno in Indiana.

Dyno Companies Serving Michigan

The dynos that we provide are some of the best in the world! For over 130 years our customers have relied on us for top of the line dynamometer products. This is a tradition that we strive to continue long into the future. Our technicians are some of the very best in the industry, allow us to show you why! We offer one of the most comprehensive range of eddy current, hydraulic and AC dynamometers available for automotive, heavy duty and industrial diesel engines. Dyno in Indiana.
If you are in need of a versatile and reliable dyno, look no further. With intuitive design features like integrated speed and torque sensors, Go Power System dynos are the superior choice. Our dedicated engineers are experts in the field and possess the knowledge to assist you in finding the perfect dyno for your needs. We serve a variety of industries including but not limited to aerospace, automotive, education. Dyno in Indiana.
We provide dynamometer test controls & equipment for a range of applications. Our test cell control system is compatible with all types of dynamometers, including AC & DC motoring dynos & Water Brake Systems. Our products all include the durability & quality customers expect from SAKOR. Our dynamometers are powerful & affordable for the automotive, aerospace & heavy equipment industries. Dyno in Indiana.
The A & D Technology serves the power train testing industry with a complete range of dynamometers, chassis dynamometers and test cell equipment. We equip the world's vehicle manufacturers and suppliers with dynos and testing expertise from the initial design to operator training. Dyno in Indiana.
AEI is the leading manufacturer of high quality dyno solutions. Our products are designed for that difficult Low Speed – High Torque application. Our experts have an extensive background in our industry and we work with you to discover the best solutions for your applications. If you have any questions then simply give one of our representatives a call today! Dyno in Indiana.
AVL North America is the manufacturer of Testmate™ dynamometers—eddy current, motoring, waterbrake and tandem engine dynamometers. Chassis dynamometers, custom dynos and custom dynamometer test stands are also available. We even develop custom test application software. Dyno in Indiana.
Bay Cast Technologies is recognized as the only complete base plate and dynamometer manufacturing operation in the world. With over 25 years of experience, we are committed to quality providing measurement and testing services with dynamometers, fatigue testers, component tests and more. From engineering and design, through complete manufacturing, Bay City Technologies ensures your needs are met. Dyno in Indiana.
Burke E. Porter Machinery is a worldwide leader and manufacturer of force measuring dynamometer systems and torque testers, as well as brake and chassis dynamometers. We strive to provide quality dynamometers, test machines, and more for the automotive industry. Dyno in Indiana.
Greening Associates is a manufacturer of dynamometers—clutch dynamometers, inertia brake dynamometers and on-highway inertia truck brake dynamometers. Our clients are those in the various self-propelled vehicle industries. We also provide contract testing services. We began business in 1964. Dyno in Indiana.
Check out the new HORIBA. As HORIBA Automotive Test Systems, we are a leading company in engine, driveline and emissions testing systems, including dynamometers, brake testers and wind tunnel balances testing tools. Plus, HORIBA Contract Testing Services can do the testing for you. Dyno in Indiana.
The testing of emission systems and engine components is still our specialty, so we are able to use our decades of experience to assist automakers (and substrate manufacturers). From gasoline and diesel after treatment emissions testing to engine durability and development testing, Johnson Matthey Testing offers 12 large cells with over 20 separate engine stands to meet your testing needs. Dyno in Indiana.
Link Engineering is a 65-year-old manufacturer of custom dynamometers—full-scale aircraft inertia dynamometers, automotive dynamometers, brake dynamometers, chassis dynamometers and truck dynamometers. We can also supply you with refurbished brake dynamometers. Our multinational organization serves the passenger car, truck, trailer, bus, motorcycle, aircraft, & off-road vehicle industries. Dyno in Indiana.
Productivity improvements are further enhanced with the use of automated guided vehicles. Meiden recognizes this and manufactures several types of AGVs—laser guided vehicles, overhead traveling AGVs, all-directional AGV, low-lift and low-floor types of AGVs. Dyno in Indiana.
Turn to Wineman Technology, Inc. for outstanding dyno technology. We are experts in our field and our teams can manufacture custom solutions. Our capabilities include: gas/diesel engine dyno, transmission dyno, electric hybrid motor dyno, transaxle, driveline, clutch/brake dyno, powertrain and much more. If you are eager for more information then please give us a call today! Dyno in Indiana.

Dyno Companies Serving Ohio

Force Control Industries is the leading manufacturer of Oil Shear Dynamometer Load Brakes as well as electric, air, and hydraulically actuated oil shear clutches and brakes. The Positorq® Dynamometer Load Absorber Brakes are designed for that difficult Low Speed – High Torque application. Oil Shear Technology assures years of trouble free, no maintenance service life, backed by 40+ years of experience. Dyno in Indiana.
Do you need a dyno that is reliable and comes at a fair price? We offer superb products that have numerous benefits. We believe our items are superior to proprietary test system architectures and our products are guaranteed for long-term use. We can help with software engineering, electrical engineering and much more! Let us know how we can best assist you today! Our representatives are ready to speak with you! Dyno in Indiana.
Our dyno technology can handle the rigors of a wide range of industries. We work hard to abide to all of your requests. Your experience is paramount to the growth of our company. These dynamometers are beyond compare and allow for safe operation. It is our goal to form a long-lasting business relationship with your company. Let us know how we can assist you today! We look forward to hearing from you! Dyno in Indiana.
We have dynamometers from 44 lbs. capacity to 250 ton. Models with remote readout are available. A leading supplier of material handling equipment since 1951, our equipment has included dynamometers. Our force measuring device, Dynarope® Tensiometer, is accurate within a margin of + or – 1%. Dyno in Indiana.
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