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Forgings and Foundries

Foundries and forges are facilities which manufacture whole metal parts. Often used to manufacture the same types of parts, such as automotive crankshafts, forges and foundries use very different processes, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. A foundry is a facility which manufactures metal castings, a process which uses a closed mold (or die) to shape molten metal into specific, mid to high tolerance parts. Forges, or smithies, use hot and cold hammering and stamping processes to shape metal pieces that are still in solid form. Because the products fabricated by casting and forging are often similar, the term “foundry” is often used to refer to a facility that manufactures forgings, which is a misnomer; foundries manufacture castings, and forges (also called “smithies") manufacture forgings.

Leading Castings & Forgings Manufacturers

A&B Die Casting
Hercules, CA | 510-741-3170

MES, Inc.
Lewis Center, OH | 740-201-8112

All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
Fairfield, NJ | 973-276-5000

Imperial Casting Company, Inc.
Florence, AL | 256-766-8720

Ferralloy Inc.
Cleveland, OH | 440-250-1900

Rimer Enterprises, Inc.
Waterville, OH | 419-878-8156

Crown Die Casting Corporation
Mount Vernon, NY | 914-667-5400

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Die Casting Manufacturers

Die Cast Aluminum PartsDie castings are solid metal parts and shapes that are formed in foundries through the process of die casting. Conducted in facilities called foundries, die casting works by applying high pressure and forcing molten metal into dies, also called molds or die molds, then letting the metal cool. Secondary finishing processes sometimes follow this process to bring die castings up to the quality their intended applications. Metals used in die casting are usually some type of non-ferrous metal casting, like bronze, lead, tin, aluminum, zinc, magnesium and copper. Alloys, especially steel alloys, may be used as well, but steel parts are usually forged instead.

Every die is cut from metal to create a certain shape, and most are made to create closed die castings. Closed die casting molds are made by cutting an original mold into two separate blocks, tooling them back together with their cavities aligned and spraying the new mold with a lubricant that helps regulate temperature and makes parts removal easier. Closed die casting molds can open and close, though, as their name suggests, they must be closed at the start of the casting process. Once closed, molten metal is poured into a shot sleeve and, under high pressure, injected into the die with a plunger.

Leading Die Casting Manufacturers

A&B Die Casting

Precision die castings plus a multitude of related services, including engineering, designing, machining, finishing and assembly, occur at A and B Die Casting.

Crown Die Casting Corporation

With over forty-five years experience, Crown Die Casting Corporation specializes in die castings, as well as CNC machining, product design and metal finishing.

MES, Inc.

Here at MES, Inc. we are a full-service global manufacturing and supply chain. We offer a number of different types of die castings including aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, investment die casting and much more.

Aluminum Die Casting Company, Inc.

Precision Die Casting since 1950. Aluminum die casting and zinc die casting for aerospace, electronic, commercial industries. Turnkey operations from design or your blue print to assembly.

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ForgingsMetal parts produced through the forging process are known as forgings. During forging, a compressing force pressures the metal, causing plastic deformation and an alteration of the metal grain flow, whereby the metal assumes the shape of the forging die. Note that, in this process, while metal may be preheated, it is never melted or poured.

Forgings are made through two main forging methods: closed die forging, also known as impression die forging, and open die forging. In closed die forging, which is the most common die forging method, a hammer and anvil press or hammer preformed metal blanks, called ingots, into a die or set of dies that are shaped as three-dimensional negatives of the part-to-be. During this process, the hammer and anvil completely cover the workpiece, which forces the metal to spill into all areas of the die.

Forgings serve as components of ships, tractors, engines, tools, airplanes, automobiles, missiles, material handling equipment and more. In addition, the forging process presents design flexibility, requires minimal secondary operations and consistently produces extra strong metal parts and products with very few defects.

Leading Forging Manufacturers

MES, Inc.

MES, Inc. has an extensive amount of forging experiences in a number of different industries. Here at MES, Inc. we put the customer first and our mission is to exceed your expectations. We offer uncompromising forgings and our teams go out of their way to ensure all of your needs are met.

Clifford-Jacobs Forging Company

For the best forgings tools and high quality experience in the world, you don`t have to look far! We can provide you with the ultimate in quality and the latest technology in the world of forging.

All Metals & Forge Group, LLC

All Metals & Forge Group is your ISO9001:2008 and AS/EN9100:2009 registered forging facility. All Metals provides a wide range of materials, products and services, including discs, shafts, sleeves, cylinders, plates, blocks and many other shapes.

Anderson Shumaker Company

Although we have over 100 years of experience, we are committed to continually expanding our offerings in all industries. We are not content to remain as we are, but we continually work to improve our products and processes each and every day.

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Grey Iron Castings

Grey Iron CastingsGrey, or gray, iron castings are iron alloyed parts produced in foundries, not to be confused with forges, where they are formed via closed mold operations for applications in a wide variety of industries. Industries that grey iron castings serve include agriculture, architecture, automotive, construction, electronics, irrigation, machinery construction, transportation, and ventilation. Grey iron castings lend durability and strength to any operation for which they are used.

To acquire grey iron, metalworkers must first mine iron ores or iron oxides and then process it in a special type of blast furnace, called an electric induction furnace or a cupola. The generally accepted composition of cast grey iron is 95% iron by weight, plus 1 to 3% silicone and 2.1 to 4% carbon. The high amount of silicone, which produces graphite when heated, is the element responsible for grey iron’s coloring. It manifests itself when fractures form, revealing its graphitic microstructure. The exact appearance of individual grey iron depends on both temperature and timing. Other than appearance, variable properties of castings include thermal conductivity, energy dissipation, resistance to wear and deformation, and melting point. Additional elements that may appear in grey iron castings, whether intentionally, to alter specific properties, or unintentionally, include manganese and sulfur; the latter is often added into molten iron to increase its hardness. When metalworkers have reached the grey iron mixture they want, they proceed to casting.

Leading Grey Iron Castings Manufacturers

MES, Inc.

Here at MES, Inc. we are a full-service global manufacturing and supply chain. We offer a number of different types of die castings including aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, investment die casting and much more.

Imperial Casting Company, Inc.

Imperial is a 46 year old company proud to produce quality grey iron castings for American Industry. Imperial specializes in many quality components, from 8 oz to 400 lbs, and employs experienced and talented professionals dedicated to their customers' satisfaction.

Progressive Foundry, Inc.

Our reliable staff offers the most trustworthy products. There are numerous advantages associated with our cast iron. Our methodology utilizes cutting-edge technology. All of our cast iron solutions are fairly priced and we will work with you every step of the way. Turn to us for the most refined and highly advanced solutions. Give us a call today to learn more information!

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Investment Castings

Investment CastingsInvestment casting is a manufacturing method that is used to create complex and detailed industrial parts and shapes. This is accomplished by starting with a wax model of a part that is then turned into a mold. The mold, in turn, is filled with molten metal.

The process of investment casting starts with the creation of a wax model that is then attached to a sprue. Hundreds of wax model molds can be fixed to the same sprue at one time, this is called a tree. The tree is dipped into a slurry compound several times before it is sprinkled with an abrasive material resembling sand. Once the investment around the wax is thick enough, it is placed in an industrial oven where temperatures exceed 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The wax might melt and drip during this time, but it keeps its shape. Whatever metal that is being used is heated until it is in liquid form and then poured into the hollow mold. Once the metal has cooled to the point that it is no longer red hot, the shell around it is removed and the cast metal parts are cut off of the sprue.

Leading Investment Castings Manufacturers

Ferralloy Inc.

Ferralloy Inc. supplies high-quality precision castings such as investment castings in carbon, alloy and stainless steels. In addition, we offer heat treating and in-house machining services as well as inventory stocking programs to facilitate on-time deliveries and reduced inventories.

Rimer Enterprises, Inc.

Since 1944 we have been driven to remain a cut above the competition in investment castings and everything we do. We have our own tooling shop filled with state-of-the-art testing machines. We ensure perfect results every time.

Kovatch Castings

ISO 9001:2008; AS 9100C; Nadcap; ITAR Registered; GE Aviation Yellow Page Approval. We offer custom investment castings for aerospace, military, ordnance, medical, & energy industries.

MES, Inc.

Turn to MES, Inc. for top of the line investment casting. Our fairly priced solutions are long lasting and designed with your needs in mind. We are a leading provider of investment casting and our teams have a wide range of experience offering these services for various industries.

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