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Below is a list of Blow Molding manufacturers from Texas. Blow molding is a popular plastic molding process that produces hollow, thin-walled containers and offers high-cost efficiency, long run capacity and application versatility. Blow molders manufacture many different products, including toys, blow molded cases, sports equipment, garbage cans, planters, and most commonly, blow molded containers like plastic bottles that hold many beverages including water, milk, juices, carbonated soda, liquor, beer and other foods like peanut butter and cooking oil.

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Blow Molding Companies Serving Texas

R & D Molders, Inc.
Georgetown, TX
For over 36 years, R&D Molders has been providing blow molding, tooling and associated secondary services to a variety of customers for a variety of applications. We have successfully produced solutions for the Medical, Industrial, Consumer Goods, Sporting Goods, Electronics, GSA/DOD, Home & Garden and Energy industries. Let us be a one stop turn-key source for your molding requirements. Blow Molding in Texas.
J. Mark Huckabee & Associates
Lockhart, TX
With more than 30 years of experience, J. Mark Huckabee & Associates manufactures quality custom injection molded and blow molded plastics with complimentary services including solid model part design, mold repair and secondary machining. We are committed to "thinking outside the box." Blow Molding in Texas.
Paragon Packaging, Inc.
Mansfield, TX
Our offerings include blow molded plastics such as plastic bottles from 24 oz.–128 oz. Stock bottles and custom molds are available in designs with on-site silk screening. We use HDPE plastic polyethylene to manufacture our plastic containers and our 4-color process can reproduce your favorite picture. Blow Molding in Texas.
Schulenburg, TX
Founded in 1989, PRIME INDUSTRIES is a high density polyethylene plastic blow molder and reliable plastic bottle manufacturer serving automotive, agribusiness and chemical companies. We offer the flexibility to mix plastic bottle sizes and colors to make up a truckload. Our plastic containers are high quality and competitively priced. Contact us for all your wholesale plastic bottle needs! Blow Molding in Texas.
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