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Can Human Hibernation Take Us to Mars?

The problems of overpopulation and environmental issues have our world leaders considering what the next step is to ensure the survival of humanity. What are we to do once the population has reached the critical tipping point? What about if

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What Was It That Made Stephen Hawking So Great?

Stephen Hawking achieved a remarkable amount of things, personally and professionally, throughout his amazing life. While many people are familiar with him as a personality and perhaps as a scientist who made incredible discoveries about space, not many fully grasp

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Closing The Gap Between Men and Women in STEM

Gender inequality in the workplace is nothing new. When women entered the workforce during World War II, it was out of necessity. During the feminist movement of the 1960s, women entered the workforce by choice. However, their options were quite

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Can Hyperloop Save Public Transportation?

Cities such as San Francisco, Chicago and New York have extensive public-transportation systems. They carry millions of people by train, bus, boat and light rail. The recent expansion of private vehicle options like Uber, Lyft, and Google Bus give commuters

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Are Smart Thermostats Worth The Investment?

You’ve heard about “smart” thermostats and how they are revolutionizing homes around the world. But are they really worth it? Do they provide that many advantages over traditional thermostats? And is it really worth spending the money and time replacing

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