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Bag Houses Manufacturers and Suppliers

IQS Directory provides a detailed list of bag house manufacturers and suppliers. Find bag house companies that can design, engineer, and manufacture bag houses to your specifications. Peruse our website to review and discover top bag house manufacturers with roll over ads and complete product descriptions. Connect with the bag house companies through our hassle-free and efficient request for quote form. You are provided company profiles, website links, locations, phone numbers, product videos, and product information. Read reviews and stay informed with product new articles. Whether you are looking for manufacturers of bag house filters, dust containment bags, and safety bag houses of every type, IQS is the premier source for you.

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We use the most advanced technology and are 99% efficient on all types of particulate dust and have no "puffing" during cleaning pulses. Our baghouses are smaller, lighter dust collectors with equal effectiveness compared to a conventional collector but with half the number of filters and cleaning hardware.
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We are your specialist for new & used industrial dust collectors. Having been in business for over 20 years, A.C.T. Dust Collectors provides integrity that stands behind our work and our people. We offer dust collection equipment such as baghouses, jet dust collectors, cyclone dust collectors and standard dust collectors.
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We have products available to suit a wide variety of applications. Bisco Enterprise is an industry leader in distributing baghouses. Our baghouse serves as a quality piece of equipment that maintains air cleaning. Call us today to find out about our range of products and what suits your requirements.
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Aget Manufacturing is committed to quality, customer service, and timely job completion for our customers. We have so many solid relationships with because of our hard work and dedication. We design air filtration systems to eliminate airborne contaminants from the work environment that can be breathed in.
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Innovation and high quality are synonymous with CS UNITEC`s power tools. In subsequent years the company has added to its list of industry firsts with the widest range of core bits, air concrete saws, hydraulic, electric and pneumatic band saws, concrete grinders, sanders, polishers, surface finishing tools, vacuum systems, mixers, mixing machines, mixing paddles, metal finishing tools and more.
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We know that quality is important to you, it's important to us too! That is why we create the highest quality bag houses and other dust collection products so you never have to worry about shoddy workmanship or poor performance. We work hard to create solutions that will fit your needs. Contact us today by phone or email to learn more!
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Industry Information

Bag Houses for Dust Collection

Bag houses are dust collection units containing fabric filters that capture dust particles as air flows through them. Workshops, plants and manufacturing facilities frequently duct contaminated air into bag houses in order to remove the particles from the work environment and safely contain them.

Bag houses are usually the first choice, when it comes to selecting dust collection equipment for a variety of industries. This is a particularly popular option for controlling particulate emissions in hot mix asphalt plant. They are popular due to their ease of operation and cost effectiveness. Another reason bag houses are the main choice for such equipment is because they help companies comply with pollution codes while also providing economic advantages over other options. They also return the dust to the mix rather than wasting it as scrubbers do, which means they better use the aggregate. Bag houses are also more flexible/portable and do not require as much horsepower as other devices. However, some limitations to be aware of when it comes to bag houses are limitations in regard to exhaust temperatures, potential hydrocarbon contamination, and the removal of gaseous pollutants. In cases such as these, a scrubber may be a better choice.

If you are in the market for dust collecting equipment, it is crucial to be sure to do your research and consider each aspect of your operations. This will simplify your shopping experience and make the whole process move more smoothly and quickly. There are many different products and pieces of equipment that are built to complete similar functions and the slight differences are important to evaluate in order to be sure that you are getting the most appropriate device, at the best price, to suit your unique needs. When it comes to emissions and dust control, it is important to have quality equipment that will protect your workers, your local air quality and the entire planet. Contact a supplier of bag houses and other dust collecting equipment today for more detailed information about these products and house they can best suit you.

Bag Houses

A bag house is the most common type of dust collector, since very often it is the most cost-effective and efficient method, with a typical rate of fine particle capture of more than 99%. Industry-specific state OSHA regulations require companies that run processes emitting heavy smoke, dust or other particles to maintain air quality standards by filtering facility air. As a result, bag houses are vital equipment for coal handling, cement fabrication, metal fabrication, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, woodworking, recycling, waste incineration and agricultural industries, among many others. Typical bag house dust collector applications include dust capturing, separating and filtering explosive media, metalworking chips, toxic media, wood dust, concrete dust, welding fumes and incinerator smoke. Facilities usually incorporate bag houses into large dust collecting systems, with overhead ductwork and capture arms (suction hoods), which hang over the workspaces where dust is formed. In large facility applications, the bag house is often located outside, connected to the interior through ductwork.

Bag houses operate by drawing contaminated air in through ducts to a hopper-shaped structure containing fabric filters. The air is pulled through the fabric bags by a vacuum-creating fan, leaving behind dust, smoke and particles; clean air exits through the fan at the outlet at the top of the bag house, while dust particles settle into an airlock at the bottom of the hopper, which is routinely emptied. During the filtering process, the fabric filters accumulate a layer of dust called a dust cake, filter cake or filtering cake. The main function of the filter fabric is to provide the medium on which the dust cake will form; once enough dust has accumulated, it creates a barrier that is capable of capturing very fine particles. The filter cake must be managed, however, because it can become too thick and prevent acceptable air flow. There are three main ways of managing the filter cakes. Mechanical shaker bag houses clean their filter bags through vibrations caused by a motor-driven shaft and cam. These vibrations cause waves in the bag that shakes the dust cake off the inside surface of the bag and into the hopper. Reverse-air bag houses are compartmentalized and allow for continuous operation during their cleaning cycle. In order to begin cleaning, filtration is halted in the compartment about to be cleaned. Clean air is then injected into the dust collector in a reverse direction, which pressurizes the compartment and causes the filter bags to partially collapse. This results in the filter cake cracking and falling into the hopper below. Reverse-jet bag houses also allow for continuous operation during their cleaning cycle, but are typically not compartmentalized. Instead, the filter bags are cleaned by short bursts of compressed air injected through a compressed air manifold. Common materials used to make bag houses include cotton, glass-fiber and synthetic materials.

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