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Below is a list of Angle Iron manufacturers from Pennsylvania. Angle irons are pieces of bent metal that contribute to the stability of a structure. Structures supported by angle irons can be as large as supply warehouses or as small as bed frames. Any piece of steel or iron that has been bent lengthwise can be considered an angle iron, though most angle irons’ angles measure at or near 90 degrees. However, angle irons can be created in widely varying proportions and lengths.

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Angle Iron Companies Serving Pennsylvania

Hygrade Components
Bethlehem, PA
Hygrade Components is a roll forming company providing custom products to suit any demanding requirement. We produce basic parts along with special forms. With our excellent machinery, Hygrade Components can satisfy almost any roll forming need. Our name means high quality which we prove to you through our custom quality parts and secondary services. Angle Iron in Pennsylvania.
Rolled Steel Products Corp. of PA
Berwyn, PA
Rolled Steel Products Corp. of PA is a mill representative providing castings, tubing, extrusions and balls. Since 1954, we have been providing our customers with outstanding products that exceed their expectations. Angle Iron in Pennsylvania.
United Roll Form Corporation
Philadelphia, PA
United Roll Form Corporation specializes in roll formed shapes for the display industry. We offer in-line pre-notching and post-notching, stamping, molding, open seam tubing and U and J channels. We have fast quotes, competitive pricing and quick turnaround. Angle Iron in Pennsylvania.
Walter Long Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Finleyville, PA
Since 1898, Walter Long Manufacturing Company has been producing high quality metal angles, channels, rings and pipes. We specialize in custom roll forming and bending. As a full-service steel plate and pipe fabrication shop, we offer plasma cutting and welding services in addition to roll forming and bending. We work with several materials including aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. Angle Iron in Pennsylvania.
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