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Industrial Materials & Adhesives

Industrial materials and adhesives encompass a wide range of substances that are necessary to many types of industrial applications. Although the category of materials is incredibly broad, and could include anything from plastics, metal, rubber and more, chemicals and adhesives are more specific in terms of the necessary characteristics of those specific substances. The term “adhesives” refers to materials that unite or bond surfaces together and can include such materials as acrylic adhesives. However, common industrial adhesives are often categorized as either a plastic adhesive, such as those made from thermoplastic resins, or an epoxy adhesive , such as Bisphenol A. Essential in numerous applications, some examples of industries in which materials and adhesives are critical components include wastewater, chemical processing, marine, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and electronics.


Heat Activated Sealing Tape – Can-Do National TapeAdhesives are compounds that are used to bond two objects together. The type of adhesive used is based on a number of different factors primarily the strength of the bond required and the two objects involved with the bonding. Adhesive types are generally grouped as reactive, pressure-sensitive, thermoplastic, light-curing, and drying. Adhesives can be used for temporary bonding or permanent bonding and typically there are three styles of industrial adhesives which include silicone adhesives, acrylic adhesives and polyurethane adhesives.

Adhesives are critical to keeping machinery and systems together in industrial, commercial, and domestic settings. Adhesives are indispensable. From the back of stickers to in between a bone and an implant, the impact of adhesives on the modern world cannot be overstated. To find the best adhesive(s) for an application, customers should judge them by their cleavage strength, fatigue strength, impact strength, peel strength, shear strength, tensile strength, and wet strength.

Leading Adhesives Manufacturers

Can-Do National Tape
Nashville, TN | 800-643-5996

Fournier Rubber & Supply Company
Columbus, OH | 800-282-3474

Coast-Line International
Lindenhurst, NY | 631-226-0500
Minneapolis, MN | 877-891-7572

Specialty Polymers & Services, Inc.
Valencia, CA | 661-294-1790

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Ceramic Manufacturers

Industrial Ceramic ProductsCeramic manufacturing is the process of creating ceramic product for various industries such as automotive, aerospace, military, food processing and medical. Ceramics have a number of benefits including light weight, high hardness level, oxidation resistance, high melting point, corrosion resistance and more. Many turn to ceramics simply for their superior protection from heat and extremely long service lifetime. Advanced ceramics are high-performance ceramic parts used specifically in nuclear power, aerospace, biomedical, defense, military and automotive applications that require especial insulation and/or heat, wear and corrosion resistance.

Leading Ceramic Manufacturers

LSP Industrial Ceramics, Inc.

As a manufacturer and stocking distributor of industrial and technical ceramics, LSP carries the most diversified inventory of ceramic tubes, spacers, bushings, etc. in the industry. Our teams aim to exceed your expectations and our high performance solutions are very cost efficient. If you have any questions then feel free to visit our website or give us a call today!

C-Mac International, LLC

C-Mac International, LLC is a custom ceramics supplier. We provide advanced ceramic component parts manufacturing for a variety of industries and provide solutions to many ceramic needs. Our company specializes in Alumina, Steatite, Cordierite, Zirconia, and MgO. For all your ceramic needs or a free price quote, call C-Mac International, LLC today!

Kadco Ceramics

Discover Kadco's exceptional variety of ceramic machining & processing capabilities on a broad spectrum of materials. As a diversified ceramics manufacturer, Kadco serves many markets from prototype through production since 1980. For precise machining, cutting & dicing of not only ceramics but silicon, glass, metals & plastics, rely on Kadco - delivering a variety of end products cleaned & packaged!

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Glass Manufacturers

Custom Glass ProductsThere are a variety of methods that can be used when it comes to the glass manufacturing process whether for industrial, scientific, or traditional purposes such as windows and drinking-glasses. The same three ingredients are used in most of these processes and these consist of sand, alkali-based sodium bicarbonate (or "soda ash") and lime from limestone. The soda ash is used to lower the initial melting point, but it can make glass water soluble. The addition of lime or aluminum oxide (has greater chemical stability) is a means to prevent the glass from becoming water soluble. Furnaces at temperatures around 2,500º Fahrenheit fuse these three ingredients together, and at this point other ingredients may be added to adjust brilliance and color. The glass is then cooled by several hundred degrees to allow it to be shaped whether by pressing, blowing, or drawing.

Leading Glass Manufacturers

S & S Optical Company, Inc.

We make it our goal to offer the top glass cutting services in the industry. Although we started small when we were founded in 1950, we have grown every year and are now one of the largest glass suppliers in the industry. We make products for more than just the optical industry, and can make customized products to suit any need. Contact us for a quote today!

Pegasus Glass

Glass cutting is a varied industry, and we have done it all for the past 50 years. We believe in manufacturing high quality glass products that will exceed customer expectations every time. Our goal and mission has always been to ensure our customers are satisfied and will come to us with all of their glass needs. Contact us to learn more today!

John C. Ernst Co., Inc.

As glass manufacturers, John C. Ernst's measurement equipment can be digital or mechanical, in addition to a variety of other types for different measurements of flow. For each type, there are specific guidelines that are followed by companies like John C. Ernst to ensure proper usage. For more information, please call or go to their helpful website for full product descriptions.

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Graphite Manufacturing

Machined Graphite ProductsGraphite machining processes are heavy-duty processes since it is an especially abrasive material and it can be difficult to fabricate graphite products such as graphite electrodes or graphite bearings in the majority of machining processes. Overall, graphite offers beneficial properties such as strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, dry lubrication and self lubrication.

Graphite is a polymorph of carbon, and fall under two types: synthetic and natural graphite. Natural graphite can be found in different types of ore deposits and can be categorized into three main types: Flake graphite, which is made of isolated, flat, plate-like particles; Amorphous graphite, also known as meta-anthracite, which is made of fine particles; and finally, Lump graphite, which is a compact crystalline aggregate that occurs in fissure veins and thus is also referred to as vein graphite.

Leading Graphite Manufacturers

Weaver Industries, Inc.

At Weaver Industries, we offer quality graphite machining for parts and products. We provide control at all stages of the manufacturing process, from acceptance of an order, through project products. We have built our name on integrity, quality, technology and workmanship.

Industrial Graphite Sales, LLC

We understand the challenges that are associated with graphite machining and we strive to work closely with your team to ensure quality satisfaction. From milling, grinding, CAD or sanding, we can provide it all. We have a wide assortment of materials so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Becker Brothers Graphite Corporation

A manufacturer of graphite products, Becker Brothers Graphite Corporation, offers complete graphite machining facilities as well as a wide selection of parts. At our company there is no compromise for quality performance.

Graphel Carbon Products

Since 1965, Graphel Carbon Products has been providing high quality custom graphite machining, EDM service and graphite materials. Whether you need graphite fixtures, graphite furniture, graphite electrodes or blanks we are your source. We are certified and guarantee our quality, promptness and reliability. We machine graphite so you don't have to.

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Tape Suppliers

SpecialtyTapes.comTape, made of long strips of adhesive material, is primarily used for a wide range of binding and fastening applications, though it has several other applications as well. To make their product, tape suppliers engage is a fairly simple process called coating, wherein adhesive is applied to a carrier material. The carrier material may be any one of a collection of moderately thin and flexible materials, such as metal foils, paper tissues, cloth or films.

There are three main methods of coating: water-based coating, solvent coating and hot-melt coating. Water-based coating solutions are made by mixing the adhesive with water to form emulsions, or small, suspended globs of one of the liquids in the other. After the solution is made, it is simply coated on. In solvent coating, a solvent is used to dissolve the adhesive and thereby create a comparably non-viscous liquid, which is coated onto the carrier material. After the material has been coated, suppliers remove the solvent by passing the tape through a heated oven. The hot-melt coating process is performed in the way that its name suggests; the adhesive is heated until it reaches its melting point, and then it coats the carrier material as a hot liquid. After coating, the tape only need cool to become a finished product.

Leading Tape Suppliers

As experienced tape suppliers with over 40 years of industry experience, you can trust us to provide you with quality products. We can even create custom tape designs just for you- with logos, varied colors, and different materials. All our pressure sensitive tapes are recognized for their quality in the industry. You can find out more when you give us a call or visit our website today!

Carolina Tape & Supply Corporation

Carolina Tape & Supply Co. is a distributor & custom tapes converter offering 100% satisfaction. As one of the leading tape suppliers in the nation, Carolina offers an array of quality products & services to your company & their capable staff would love to help you satisfy your taping requirements- call today or simply go to their website to check out their excellent, affordable merchandise.

Can-Do National Tape

We carry all the major brands of tape for our customers, including 3M tape. We only provide the highest quality brands to our customers. You will find that we offer unique services and benefits, including speedy delivery and extremely low prices. You can learn more about us when you visit our website today! We would also love to talk to you in-person, over the phone, or through email.

Western Container Corp.

Being a leading manufacturer of packaging and mailing containers, Western Container offers customers packaging and solutions for the tape industry. We supply a wide variety of products and our teams are available to assist you with finding a perfect solution for your application. If you have any questions then please give one of our representatives a call today!

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