55 Gallon Drums

Below is a list of 55 Gallon Drums manufacturers from West Virginia. 55 gallon drums are large, cylindrical industrial containers with a nominal capacity of 55 gallons that are mainly used for shipping and storage applications. One of the oldest types of containers, 55 gallon drums are primarily for transporting and storing bulk goods, which are most often liquids. As a result, steel and plastic 55 gallon drum manufacturers often strengthened their drums with corrugations, also referred to as reinforcing rings, of the thickened material at the top, bottom and one each at a third of the way from the end in order to strengthen the sides of the barrels in order to prevent denting or puncturing when rolled or turned.

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55 Gallon Drums Companies Serving West Virginia

Eagle Manufacturing Company
Wellsburg, WV
Founded in 1894, Eagle Manufacturing Company is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of innovative safety, haz-mat and storage products. We are an industry leader supplying the highest quality-best value safety products including machine guards. Our products are made in the USA and include plastic drums, hazardous waster containers and salvage drums ranging from 14 to 95 gallons. Contact us today! 55 Gallon Drums in West Virginia.
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